Just to Summarize it: it is life changing!

For nearly ten years I have been teaching maths and physical education, right now in a business college at Steyr, Austria. I would say, that I have already experienced a lot of different things in my teaching profession and as a “restless” teacher I try to find new ways of teaching mathematics.

So for six years I have been using a tablet PC with a stylus for my lectures and as I discovered OneNote it became the “…one (ring) to rule them all…“. Just joking!
But I was using OneNote all day and soon I started to realize, that this would be the perfect tool to get some collaboration going on between me and my students. So for four years I have had a OneNote-based class binder for every class, where my students and I try to collect all kind of things. We put in all kinds of stuff, from interactive GeoGebra-Applets to worksheets or even Audio and Video files. Everything is stored there and can be accessed very easily from every device and smartphones and tablets are often used to contribute to “our Online-textbook” (as my students call it).

Last year I took the chance to contribute this idea and my/our work to the Microsoft Educator Network as a learning activity. I thought this is just all about using technology, but I was so wrong…

I was not aware that this small learning activity was changing my whole life! The Microsoft Educator Network is not only about technology, it is about the most important ingredient in teaching: the teachers! I was very fortunate to get nominated as an Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator and from that time on, my teaching profession has not been the same. Getting the chance to get to know the most innovative and inspiring educators from all over the world has made a deep impact on me! I started to think a lot more “globally” and was suddenly facing the fact, that there is a very big “movement” going on out there: Giving the best education in the most innovative ways to our students, no matter where they come from, or what precondition they are facing. And the best thing:As a teacher I am not alone! I can count on a big social, professional network!

It is truely inspiring to see all these fellow educators and what they contribute to teach 21st century skills. I am so proud and I feel honored to get to know some of this splendid educators at the Microsoft Global Forum in Barcelona in March 2014. We discussed and exchanged our ideas and collaborated to design a learning activity in 24 hours (my team was lucky and won the Learn-a-thon with this learning activity). Not only the Forum, but the whole social network built upon this Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator-Network has changed my life. Many of the contacts I have made I can now call friends. But let them speek for themselves:

So, I invite all of the readers to apply to the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Programm (until Oct, 15th) to get to know inspiring teachers. It has changed my (teaching) life completely! Team up with the best educators from all around the world and learn from their experience! Feel free to visit my blog at www.kurtsoeser.at and connect with me!

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