Propelling Personalized and Adaptive Learning through Data – Chris Scarth, UK

One of the best parts of attending BETT in January was talking directly with teachers and education leaders face-to-face. Almost universally, educators stressed the importance of personalized learning as a way to promote active engagement within the classroom. But while many educators know and acknowledge this, creating an environment where personalized learning is a reality is no easy task, especially since the classrooms of today (many of which are relics of the education world of yore) are set up in a way that makes it challenging at best.

In fact, many teachers say that part of the challenge is giving them the ability to monitor student progress individually, provide personalized feedback and then adapt learning programs as needed. Using traditional tools, this can add a considerable burden to teachers’ workload. So I was excited to talk with Chris Scarth, co-founder and director of Classroom Monitor, an online tool for managing curriculum and its assessment, tracking pupil progress and reporting to parents, to get his take on using data to drive more effective teaching methodologies and learner outcomes.

“It’s a huge challenge,” says Scarth. “What we’ve worked at is how you balance qualitative data -what can a child actually do – how you assess that and how you pull that information up, and then start to build it up into something that’s more quantitative and allows you to create bigger-picture data off the back of it.”

Scarth and the team at Classroom Monitor – who work with over 2,000 schools in the UK – are on the forefront of using data to create personalized assessment.  

“In the classroom there are so many very small formative assessments going on throughout,” notes Scarth, “observation, homework, teachers seeing kids working together in the classroom. All of that can feed up into a really accurate and detailed and engaging view of a child’s learning journey which is so much more than a test.”

In today’s Daily Edventure, Scarth shares even more of his perspective on how data can help drive predictive and proactive remediation to actually help diagnose learning challenges before they become an issue for students. “It’s about sharing relevant and timely content with the right person at the right time to support their learning,” says Scarth. Enjoy!


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  1. Personalized Assessment is one element that makes an impact if properly done. Thank you Anthony Salcito for such an important Interview. Thanks to Chris Scarth, UK for his great contribution.

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