“Every student, if they have confidence in themselves, they can be a big-shot in the future.” –Huoy-Minn Kuo, Taiwan

When you have been teaching for over 35 years, balancing teaching traditions with teaching mandates can take a toll – not only on your joy of teaching, but also on the energy of your classroom.

For veteran teacher Huoy-Minn Kuo, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert from Zhonghe Senior High School in Taiwan (a Microsoft School of the Future), finding new ways to motivate her students became her mission.

“We cannot give up the traditional way to teach our students,” she says. “But in our classroom, maybe half of the students fall asleep if you teach in the traditional way. But I love my students, so I tried to find a solution. Then I found it: it’s Microsoft.”

Kuo dove into Office 365, first by learning SharePoint and working with her students to create their own blogs, then by flipping her classroom. Her goal? “To train my students to have their own TED talk at the end of the semester,” says Kuo. No small task, given her classroom’s average size of 40 students.

Kuo isn’t stopping there. She encourages her students who, “don’t like languages, especially English,” to collaborate on language lessons with PowerPoint and OfficeMix, critiquing and encouraging each other along the way. And Kuo is just getting started.

“I never thought of retirement just because I love teaching,” she says. “Teaching’s my life. Because I think being an educator is a beautiful thing. If you can be an educator, you can influence so many people now and in the future. You can change the world even though you’re just a small potato.”

Huoy-Minn Kuo
Teacher, Zhonghe Senior High


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