Building Up Students One Block at a Time in Brazil – Francisco Tupy, Brazil

Francisco Tupy is passionate about the potential of games to transform his students’ learning – so passionate, in fact, that you might see him dressed in a Minecraft costume (complete with Minecraft-themed shoes) to bring the game to life. When Tupy, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, was in Redmond recently, we got to experience that unbridled passion in person.

Recognizing the power of games is nothing new for Tupy. Before teaching technology literacy and game design, he served as Community and Content Manager for the social impact non-profit Games for Change, and as a professional game designer. But the classroom is where Tupy has seen games make the biggest difference.

That careful approach to incorporating games-based learning (here’s his learning activity) is clearly paying off. In surveys of his students, Tupy has learned a good bit about how games changed their lives, and how his methods have changed the way his students engage with video games.

“[My students] don’t play games with passive eyes,” Tupy tells us. “They play trying to understand, and [then try to] reverse-engineer the system. They also started producing games for the school, so teachers see my students who took the game workshop and are producing things for the school, and it’s another level of interaction between students and teachers. Students can be much more active, and much more part of the school.”

A runner-up for best pitch in the E2 Global Challenge, Tupy is more than a full-time educator — he’s a full-time evangelist for games-based learning, especially Minecraft. Through his blog and Skype sessions with teachers around the globe, Tupy is spreading the word that Minecraft not only gets kids interested in learning, but teaches lessons that go far beyond the classroom.

Here’s today’s Daily Edventure with Francisco Tupy.

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