Mystery Skype Brings the World to Rural Iowa Classroom – Gina Ruffcorn, USA

What does a certified nursing assistant who feels she isn’t making enough of an impact in other’s lives do to change course? For Gina Ruffcorn the answer was simple: become a teacher.

“I could never make the impact that I wanted to make,” says Ruffcorn. “I was a late-in-life student. I didn’t go back to college until my daughter was in kindergarten. So I didn’t graduate until 2004. I was really looking for a way to make a lasting impact. Something that would carry out into the future more than what I was currently doing as an occupation.”

Ruffcorn and her students at West Harrison Elementary live in a small, rural town in Iowa where the nearest grocery store is one hour away. “They always considered themselves small-town kids who didn’t have a lot to offer the world,” she says. And then in the 2013-2014 school year, Ruffcorn introduced her students to something that really rocked their world.

The change didn’t just happen in her students. Ruffcorn was also transformed. Now a Skype in the Classroom Master Teacher, Ruffcorn can be found sharing and learning on Twitter and her school blog. “I enjoy finding new ways to connect students to opportunities that allow them to reach out and have authentic learning adventures.”

Today, Ruffcorn shares her advice for new teachers (or any teacher looking for inspiration) as well as what makes her most proud. Enjoy today’s Daily Edventure with Gina Ruffcorn!

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  1. Kira Anderson says:

    Wow. I just watched my 5th grade teacher be interveiwed. She is right, there is definitely a peice of her in me. I miss you Mrs. Ruffcorn! You were an amazing teacher!

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