Team Tether: A New Twist on Social Networking from New Zealand – Team Tether, New Zealand

You know the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? Three Imagine Cup students from the University of Auckland in New Zealand — Team Tether — have used that idea to create an app to bring the concept to life.

“Tether is a platform that helps you discover and leverage the talent in your social network,” they say. “With Tether, finding trustworthy and passionate people with the skills you need can be done instantly. You’re also helping those close to you get discovered for what they really love doing.”

As World Finalists in the Innovation category, Team Tether – also known as Alyssa Ong (user interface), Opender Singh (software developer) and Vivien Lei (business and legal) – are tapping into existing social networks to help friends find reliable help or even get discovered. Think of Tether as a public marketplace, but within your community – your friends, your school, etc.

The team met as part of the Microsoft Student Accelerator program in New Zealand, and found their diverse skills to be a strength. “We brainstormed a lot, and scrapped a lot of ideas as well,” says Singh. “In terms of the implementation, there’s already a lot of data out there. We’re presenting it in a different way, which hasn’t been done before. We’re helping you to formalize interactions in a familiar network.”

Their journey to Imagine Cup has been an inspiring one, and they credit many mentors – especially Dr. Michelle Dickenson, also known as Nano Girl – for their success thus far.

What’s next after Imagine Cup? “We’re definitely going past Imagine Cup,” says Ong. “Imagine Cup has been a stepping stone, not a make or break,” adds Singh.

And when it comes to advice or thoughts they have for educators, Lei offered these words: “In general for teachers, it’s really important to encourage the younger generation to explore. I wish sometimes that entrepreneurship and curiosity was pushed more in school at a younger age because it just makes life a little easier later on if they start those foundations.”

Words of wisdom that we can all take to heart. Enjoy today’s Daily Edventure with Team Tether from New Zealand!

Team Tether
2015 Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finalists, Innovation Category
New Zealand

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