Pregnancy Planning Made Easy – Team Boby, Taiwan

Want to get pregnant? There’s an app for that, thanks to Taiwan’s Team Boby, which recently won the 2015 Imagine Cup World Citizenship semifinals in Seattle.  The team of four (Wang Zhenghong, Yang Wenqian, Lai Hezhun, and Xue Zhihao) from National Cheng King University, has created a unique tool to help couples determine the optimal time for conception.

Inspired by the sister of one of their teammates who has struggled to conceive for 10 years, Team Boby identified a problem that affects millions, and developed an innovative way to solve it.

“Boby means ‘God Bless You’ in Taiwanese,” according to Lai Hezhun, team spokesperson. “Boby is the first [app that helps] men and women to get pregnant. It’s very easy to use. You just need to stick our device on the armpit during sleep, and have a nice dream. The basal body temperature will be recorded automatically, and after waking up, the data is sent to your smart phone by Bluetooth. When ovulation day comes, the app will notify you. After some time, Boby wishes you a good result: pregnancy.”

After winning the Taiwan Imagine Cup World Citizenship Competition, Team Boby was excited for the opportunity to meet other student innovators at the global event.

“[The Imagine Cup] is a very unforgettable experience, because it’s very competitive and many countries join together,” Lai noted. “We can have a great experience with them because different countries have different cultures and different thinking about problems and global issues.”

While the current version of the product is still in prototype, the team has high hopes for commercialization – and for the opportunity to help couples achieve their dreams of having children.

Their advice for other young people who are thinking about developing an app?

“The app shouldn’t focus on the technology, it should focus on the users and the problem that must be solved, then the app will be more useful,” Lai told us. “When you focus on this and add suitable technology, you’ll have a great app.”

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