Starting a revolution with a single computer – Milton Chebet, Uganda

Getting students engaged in learning is a challenge all teachers share, but Milton Chebet sees an even bigger challenge: getting all teachers in Africa to embrace technology.

Chebet, who was recently recognized as one of the best biology teachers in Uganda, has been using technology in the classroom for 10 years. His work has been recognized globally and regionally, and he won Microsoft’s Pan-African teachers’ competition in 2009.

But his real impact has been in mentoring his fellow educators, helping to make his school a Microsoft Mentor School. When I spoke to Chebet recently, he noted that many teachers are resistant to technology because of the perceived difficulty in learning how to use it. So how does he convince them?

“We just keep encouraging them,” Chebet says. “They see us using technology so they get on board. We share successes. My notes are in digital form and I prepare lots and lots of PowerPoint presentations – I share freely with them.”

And when a teacher finally comes to him asking, ‘How do I do this?,’ he says, “That person has opened up.”

Not surprisingly, lack of access to both the Internet and devices has the potential to hamper progress in resource-strapped African schools. But for Chebet, those obstacles can be easily overcome. “Even with one computer in the classroom, one computer in the school, you can cause a big change. You can use that one computer effectively.”

To hear more from this committed educator, including his call-to-action for African teachers, watch today’s Daily Edventure with Milton Chebet.

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