A student’s story: How OneNote changed a life – Kyle Madinger, Canada

This is a story of struggle, perseverance, and ultimately, triumph.

Our story starts with a young Kyle Madinger, born on Christmas. “Kyle was a Christmas baby, and was always the youngest in the class,” his father Brent tells us. “So he was always a little behind developmentally.”

For Kyle, this presented itself through organizational and legibility issues in particular. His challenges led him into homeschooling and a special education classroom.

Then, in middle school, something life-changing happened: “One of his educators suggested a tablet as a way to get him better engaged with school,” says his father. It was on the tablet that Kyle first discovered OneNote, and his world was forever transformed.

He went from struggling to being done in record time.

“I enjoy technology – I have from a young age,” says Kyle. “I’ve always been passionate about computers and technology. So doing my work on computer technology helps a lot.”

Now, he’s about to head into high school, and Kyle and his parents are embarking on a new adventure. “OneNote has allowed him to fast-track right into the regular class setting,” says his dad.

Kyle has been featured in a video called OneNote Hero: A Student Success Story, and now Daily Edventures.

The future is bright for Kyle, who has just signed up for a robotics class, and is eager to help others use OneNote. “I’d like to think that I have given other students the ability to use it,” he says, “and I would happily help other students.”

“I can’t stress enough the change in self-esteem,” says his father. “[He’s been] able to go from somebody who was struggling – and the general social difficulties that can come with that with kids – to [a kid who’s] soaring ahead and being gregarious now because he has a tool [OneNote] that helps him to express himself in a timely and unique fashion. It’s really been quite a change in him as a student.”

Today, Kyle shares his story with us. Enjoy today’s Daily Edventure with our hero and OneNote Avenger, Kyle Madinger.

Kyle Madinger (and his parents!)
Toronto, Canada

Watch Kyle’s interview with Microsoft Canada:

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