Encouraging students to ‘find their own mojo’: Wing Kan Lai, The Netherlands

If you’re ever looking for interesting teachers with diverse and inspirational stories, look no further than the Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange. I was thrilled to meet some of the world’s most creative educators this year in Budapest, including physics and math teacher Wing Kan Lai.

Born in Hong Kong, Wing Kan Lai moved with his family to Holland when he was young. As a child, he dreamed of becoming an engineer, but when he eventually landed his dream job, he found it unsatisfying.

“I was doing a job I thought I really liked…doing math, doing numbers, doing calculations,” he says. “I ended up doing numbers all day long and I got really bored because I never had contact with people. Then I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be more fun to teach people about science, because science is what I love, and connecting with people also.’ So I combined both, and I find it really inspiring. Every day is fun.”

What does he love about his job now?

“I see students grow,” he says. “In class, I try to not just teach my subject – not just how to solve an equation – I try to teach them values using a lot of resources, not just my textbooks. I try to empower students to find their own mojo. And technology enables me to achieve that! That’s key for innovation. My personal motto: Get creative, be innovative.”

With this year’s E2 theme of #hacktheclassroom, Wing was eager to share some of his experiences with technology in the classroom.

“Every day, every year I teach, I try new things,” he says. “Of course there are struggles… a lot of them. And I try to tackle them one by one. This year I’m using OneNote Class Notebook, to make resources accessible anywhere, anytime. Students don’t have to wait until the next class to ask me their questions. That’s the power of using technology in class.”

Here’s today’s inspiring Daily Edventure with Wing Kan Lai. Enjoy!

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