Making Teachers’ Lives Easier in Ecuador – Richard Roseland, Ecuador

For many who attended the recent Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange in Budapest, it was their first exposure to educators (and educational approaches) from different countries. Not so for Richard Roseland.  

Roseland, who has taught for over a decade, is a Texan who left a U.S. classroom for one in Ecuador six years ago.  His school is innovating on a number of fronts in pursuit of the best methodology to reach their students.

In recent years, the school (which serves students ranging from age three to 18) has been able to implement backward design, a hybrid flipped classroom model, a dual language program, a 3D curriculum model, and international benchmarks to improve performance.

Playing a key role in that innovation has been Roseland, who came to E2 to share his OneNote project designed to help over-stretched and over-scheduled teachers.

“My project is focusing on how we can use Office 365 to make the teachers’ lives easier, as well as giving them the training they need to become expert teachers,” he says. “Through the use of OneNote, as well as the use of videos, we’re able to provide those resources. The videos they’re using in the classroom, as well as the content skills and concepts they’re using, [are part of] an online database, and they can use it whenever they need to.”

Roseland acknowledges that some teachers are intimidated by new classroom technology, but he’s also confident that the right training clears the way.

“We’ve had a few teachers that are sometimes resistant at the beginning. [saying] ‘I’ve never uploaded my plan to a site before,’ ‘I don’t know how to get there,’ ‘I don’t know how to do that,’” says Roseland.  “We sit down and it usually just takes between five and 10 minutes, and at the end, they always say, ‘Wow, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be.’ It’s a skill they can use and transfer to different programs.”

Like most of his fellow educators in Budapest, Roseland couldn’t wait to apply what he’d learned at the event.

He notes: “There have been at least 10 projects that I’ve now added to my to-do list.  [They show] different ways to use OneNote than I’ve been using it, and different ways to retrain our teachers and allow them to become experts…in their profession.”

Here’s today’s Daily Edventure with the soon-to-be very busy Richard Roseland.

Richard Roseland
Pedagogy Coordinator
Montebello Academy
Quito, Ecuador

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