An Education Revolution in Egypt – Marine Bois

When I had the opportunity to talk to experienced educator Marine Bois in at recent BETT Middle East in Abu Dhabi, I was anxious to hear about her recent professional journey. Bois immersed herself in Microsoft training and tools just last September, and I was happy to hear that her hard work has invigorated her teaching practice.

“I’m surrounded by [supportive] people, I’m surrounded by structure, and students are with me, they’re moving and they’re motivated,” she told me.

What motivates her to continuously expand her teaching skills? “I’m convinced that we have so many changes to think [about] in the education system,” Bois says. “It’s a revolution, and not enough people are convinced of that…I want to do something.”

At Lycée Français du Caire, where Bois teaches, she’s particularly excited about the possibilities of the new One Note Class Notebook.

“It totally changed my way of teaching. It’s very important for me, and also for the students, to understand that everything is linked… inside the classroom and outside the classroom. It’s a breakthrough.”

Here’s today’s Daily Edventure with Marine Bois. Enjoy!

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