“My hope is for students to realize they are agents of change now. They do not have to wait to become adults or start their careers to evoke positive change in their communities, schools and even in the world.” – Vickie Morgado, Canada

Vickie Morgado knows that connecting students to the world is one of the most important things any teacher can do. But for this veteran teacher with more than 15 years of classroom experience, connecting to other educators is just as critical.

“One of the best pieces of technology and innovation is being able to connect globally with educators all over the world,” Morgado tells us. One way she does this is through Skype and CHAT (Care and Hope through the Adoption of Technology) to the Future, a Canadian charity founded by teachers in 2011 to bring together sustainable development, global citizenship and social entrepreneurship in classrooms.

Through a growing network of over 50 schools, CHAT supports its partner organization in Kasangati, Uganda to care for orphaned and vulnerable children, while also educating communities of caring, hopeful and resilient young people as global citizens and socially responsible entrepreneurs.

“CHAT is such a wonderful and powerful organization that is creating change,” says Morgado. “Having a network of amazing educators to help my students and I learn has really transformed my classroom and teaching.”

Morgado, a life-long learner, has a passion for technology that has made her a sought-after speaker and technology coach. She’s particularly excited about helping her students become caring global citizens that create positive digital footprints.

“Technology can be a very powerful tool, when used effectively,” she says. “I also have witnessed how technology can help differentiate instruction and engage learners of all levels and abilities.”

Here’s today’s Daily Edventure with Vickie Morgado.

What inspired you to become an educator?

I always wanted to be a teacher and felt passionate about working with children. Two teachers who inspired me were my SK Teacher and my grade 7/8 teacher. They both really inspired me and are amazing educators. They were creative, intelligent and funny.  My parents also pushed me to be involved and to pursue my education.

What was a defining moment in your career when you felt proudest to be an educator?

My proudest moments in education have been working with students who are struggling when I meet them in September (whether that is educational, social, etc.) and working with them to improve and work towards their full potential. [I love] seeing students improve, and sometimes transformation is a magical feeling.

I also feel proud in seeing a student’s confidence improve and watching them blossom into leaders. Lastly, I feel proud when I see how engaged students are in a lesson and seeing them take control of their learning and being excited about what they are doing.

Whether it’s a day-to-day challenge or larger problem, what’s the biggest obstacle you or your country or region has had to overcome, or will have to overcome, to ensure a quality education for students?
One of the challenges we are facing as Canadians is improving education for indigenous students. I had the pleasure of working with a project this year called #CraftReconciliation, which explored historical aspects of indigenous people in our country as well as residential schooling. Together, we built a new vision of Canada with other students, including indigenous students. It was a very powerful project for me as an educator and I am honored to have been a part of it.

In terms of education innovation, what are you most excited about for the future? What is your biggest hope for today’s students?

My hope is for students to realize they are agents of change now. They do not have to wait to become adults or start their careers to evoke positive change in their communities, schools and even in the world. My hope is for my students to develop critical thinking, communication and collaborative skills, as well as creativity to address some of the challenges we face as a global community. I want them to challenge the status quo, be comfortable and embrace who they are, and realize their full potential to pursue their passions with respect for all people. My greatest hope is for a healthier and more peaceful world.

About Vickie Morgado

St. Timothy School

Ontario, Canada

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  • Educational background: A Honors, Bachelor of Education, Masters of Education (Curriculum Studies)
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  • Favorite book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology: That’s a tough one! It’s a tie between Skype and Minecraft.
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? Be the change you wish to see in the world.
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