Vicki Davis

“The best opportunity for innovation will happen if we allow and expect innovation and personalization in every classroom by harnessing the power of teachers and students. I believe the ‘on the same page’ movement can stifle innovation and in fact, is stifling it. Learning should be personal and powerful and push every student to reach a little further. It isn’t a ‘no child left behind’ world but should be an ‘every child move ahead’ scenario.”

Vicki Davis


Westwood Schools Camilla, Georgia, USA Read more from Vicki Davis, at her “Cool Cat Teacher” blog, including her 163 Cool Tools for Schools Handout.

About Vicki Davis

  • Education background: BS in Management, Georgia Institute of Technology, first in class and named “outstanding management major”, teaching assistant and research assistant, President of Executive Round Table. Since my curriculum director convinced me that my destiny was in teaching, I’ve taken over 150 hours of education courses.
  • Person who inspires me most: My husband, Kip Davis. He sent himself to college and is now director of engineering at a manufacturing plant and helps me balance.
  • Favorite quote: “I may not be smarter, but I can work harder.” – I came up with this saying when I was at Georgia Tech and some boys accused me of being there for an “M-R-S” degree because I hadn’t had any AP classes in high school. I now repeat it to my kids often. Studies show that work ethic has a higher correlation with success than IQ. I care about their HQ (habit quotient) more than anything.


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