“As an Innovative Educator, you not only get products and training, you get over-the-top support, celebration and inspiration, so I’m very excited about the future of the program.” – Suzy Lolley, USA

Suzy Lolley Instructional Technology Specialist, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
Cherokee County Schools, Acworth, Georgia, USA

For teachers settling in to a new school year, last June may feel like a distant memory. But the conversations we had with educators at the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference over the summer provide some welcome back-to-school inspiration. Suzy Lolley was one of those educators, and we caught up with her as she attended ISTE for the very first time.

As a third-year Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Lolley is no stranger to innovating with technology. She’s also a Graphite Common Sense Ambassador and Certified Teacher, a SeeSaw Ambassador and Surface Expert.

“I have to innovate, because my brain doesn’t work like anyone else’s,” she says. “I am constantly having brainstorms, thus the digital sticky notes and various jot lists I always have around me. I always said if I weren’t a teacher, I would have gone into marketing—I like that opportunity to make something creative out of just a concept someone introduces.”

In today’s Daily Edventure, we learn more about how Suzy Lolley is using technology, gamification and more to make a difference for both students and teachers.

Watch the video interview.

In the video you talk a lot about your excitement for gamification and that you are teaching educators in your community about gamification. What about this movement are you most excited about?
I love the fact that a teacher has the opportunity to become excited again about a subject that maybe has become a little stale. When that excitement bubbles over to students, they will become energized and work completion and satisfaction will both increase.

You also mention your love for OneNote. Do you have a favorite feature, the one you cannot live without?
The Class Notebook add-in is great for quick distribution of work to students, grading without needing wi-fi access, and the ability to differentiate through grouping and sending different work to different students

Lastly, you mention working with a PE teacher on Office Mix. Why was she so excited about using the technology in her PE classes?
She explained that she had to teach a large group of students all how to play lacrosse. She was going to use Office Mix to create a reference for them and incorporate different video tutorials, her own information, and probably questions as well.

What is the best part of being a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert? The best part is having a supportive professional development network (PLN) that gets me and my love of Microsoft and innovative learning.  

About Suzy Lolley, Instructional Technology Specialist, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
Cherokee County Schools in Acworth, Georgia, USA

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  • Birthplace: Low Moor, Virginia, USA
  • Educational background: B.S. and M.Ed. in English Curriculum and Instruction from Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
  • Website I check every day: Twitter!
  • Favorite book: Pride and Prejudice—I’m an English nerd!
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology and why: OneNote, hands-down.  I am not organized, but the I love the way it forces my mind into a pattern. I love that it is searchable and that the resources and lesson plan outlines are all in one place. When I teach technology classes to teachers, I often use OneNote Class Notebook as my method for disseminating and collecting information.
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? It was from my fifth grade teacher, Victra Myrick, and was my high school yearbook quote: “Dare to be different, when different is right.”
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