Five years celebrating everyday heroes  

Celebrating five years of Daily Edventures 

Five years ago, we started an incredible journey to showcase the stories of education heroes from all around the globe. Over the course of this journey, we’ve featured hundreds of accounts of innovation, struggle, passion, and dedication that continue to inspire us on how educators, students, administrators and change makers are transforming education.

While a lot has changed in the last five years, our passion to empower every educator to do more is unwavering. The focus of Daily Edventures remains the same—celebrating the incredible work that too often goes unnoticed.

Our most-read story on Daily Edventures, The Teacher as the Change Agent, came from education leader Michael Fullan. Fullan shares, “The teacher is the change agent. The student is the knowledge worker. The developmental role now is helping students to become self-learners. With the teacher not playing a passive role, but a very active change-agent role.”

And while every teacher, student, administrator or school leader has a different story to tell, clear trends have emerged from the change agents we’ve highlighted.

Here are five major trends we’ve discovered on Daily Edventures over the last five years:

1) 1:1 learning

In Greece, California, Australia, Spain and all across the world, 1:1 learning has passionate supporters. Why?“I think any school – no matter what student, what demographics – can benefit from using technology in a 1:1 environment. It bridges the digital divide, the economic divide, the language divide and the learning divide,” says Dr. Manuel Isquierdo.

2) Gamification

We know that students —digital natives for the most part — love to play games. Gamification, or games-based learning, is a hot topic at Daily Edventures, and in education discussions in general, because it’s a great way for students to experience and participate actively in their education.“The motivational power of video game play for education lies not so much in the technology – the ‘video game’ – but in the way people approach and interact with it – the ‘play,’” says Sebastian Deterding of Germany. Read more stories about gamification from Bernardo Letayf, Stephen Jacobs, Garry Kasparov, and Ollie Bray.

3) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

With jobs and the workplace of the future being centered around science, technology, engineering, and math, governments throughout the world have put huge focus on STEM education. Many of our stories here at Daily Edventures highlight not only the benefits of STEM-focused education, but also the struggles to move our education systems forward, especially where women and girls are concerned. And, as many of you have noted, art must be part of the equation as well, making STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math) an emerging priority.

4) The Flipped Classroom

The concept of a Flipped Classroom is a favorite here at Daily Edventures. We spoke with Jonathan Bergmann, who pioneered the Flipped Classroom, about changing the dynamics of the classroom. According to Bergmann, the lecture becomes homework, and time in class is spent problem solving – or, as some call it, practicing. The concept has taken hold in classrooms from Norway to Belgium to Australia to the UK and USA.

5) Technology as a tool

Preparing students for the workforce remains front and center in the minds of educators worldwide. The 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking are crucial to the success of students today. And teachers agree, technology is a means to teaching these skills – not the end in itself.

“What has been most exciting over the last five or six years is the ability of the teacher to allow student choice of the tool to complete the project. The rich online tools and apps that work across [student] devices have opened up a world of choices,” says educational technologist Kathy Schrock.  From Mexico to Denmark, from Hour of Code to Skypeathon, educators have embraced technology as a tool, and are helping their students prepare for the next phase in their lives – whether that’s the work world, or higher ed.

No doubt, as we continue along our journey together, education will continue to innovate and advance, as will we as a community. In the words of Egyptian teacher Elshimaa Ismail, “I believe that teaching is more than imparting knowledge – it is inspiring change.” We couldn’t agree more.

We are so proud of the community we have all created here at Daily Edventures. We’d like to thank each one of you for sharing your stories, dreams, hopes and fears, successes and difficulties. When we connect classrooms, teachers, students and ideas, we all grow and innovate.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and inspiring me daily,


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