Lee Whitmarsh

“I think it is important to remember that technology should be used for a clear purpose and have a positive and lasting impact on the students’ learning.” – Lee Whitmarsh, UK 

Lee Whitmarsh
Curriculum Leader, Creative Arts
Alsager School
Cheshire, United Kingdom

“OneNote has to be one of my favorite uses of technology to empower students and staff,” says Lee Whitmarsh, who has been leading the curriculum for Creative Arts in his school for more than 10 years. “We have set up the whole A-Level Photography course on OneNote and we are able to give instant formative feedback that the students can act upon — in and out of lessons — via the Microsoft Cloud. Resources are interactive and we are able to link sections and pages within OneNote to guide and support different student needs, personalizing the learning experience for all.”

Whitmarsh has also developed a staff faculty OneNote where they share teaching strategies, monitor student progress and share lesson planning.

“In essence, OneNote has allowed us to develop a ‘digital teaching hub’ that staff and faculty can collaborate on with a clear focus on student progress,” notes Whitmarsh. “It has revolutionized the way we work as a team and given us more time back in the classroom. I have seen staff photograph students’ artwork using the Surface and OneNote, and then give instant feedback using digital inking that can be shared with the student, line managers and parents at Parents’ Evenings.”

You can connect with Lee Whitmarsh via his educator profile, and check out the outstanding creativity of his students through their Creative Arts Flickr website.

About Lee Whitmarsh

  • Blog URL: https://lwhitmarshblog.wordpress.com/
  • Educational background: Ten years as an art and photography teacher. Curriculum Leader Creative Arts. MA Maker Teacher. MIE Expert and Surface Expert.
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology: OneNote and Sway.
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? Listen to people and be open to change.
  • Website I check every day:  www.evertonfc.com
  • Favorite childhood memory:  Holidays with family.
  • Favorite book:  The Damned United by David Peace



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