“As primary teachers, we have to teach everything. It can be overwhelming. So I find it best to start with one subject area, get the kids in small groups, and get them to share their work with their friends.” – Natalie Burgess, Scotland

Natalie Burgess
Primary Teacher and ICT Coordinator
Microsoft UK Teacher Ambassador
Paisley, Scotland

Natalie Burgess has a history of turning the tables on technology training by having her students teach full-class lessons to fellow students, and support teachers as they work to adopt 1:1 approaches in the classroom. All of this is made possible by Glow, Scotland’s national digital learning environment. Learn more about Natalie’s journey here, and be sure to connect with her on the Microsoft Educator Community.

About Natalie Burgess

  • Birthplace: Paisley, Scotland
  • Educational background: Bachelor of Education, Primary Education at Strathclyde University
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? Do something every day that scares you!
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