“The Global Enterprise Challenge helped our youngsters foster their role as global citizens and increase their awareness of cultural, economic, educational, technological, and environmental issues.” – Rana Sabbidine, Lebanon

Rana Sabbidine
School Principal
Makassed Khalil Shehab School
Beirut, Lebanon

When you ask Rana Sabbidine, principal of Makassed Khalil Shehab school in Lebanon, about an experience that defined her as an educator, she doesn’t hesitate.

“Participating in a real-life project and winning the first prize worldwide in the Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC),” Sabbidine tells us. “This project gave our students the chance to develop their entrepreneurial and 21st century skills, as well as highlight new insights that help them widen their future career choices. It motivates students to build their teams and connect with their peers around the globe.”

Along with taking great pride in their first-place win in the 2016 challenge, Sabbidine’s students came away from the challenge with something else. “Our pupils focused on community outreach, since they donated all their profits to the Cancer Fund Unit at Makassed hospital. Our students learned that they can be the challenge, and they can be the change.”

Sabbidine and her staff use technology to expand students’ skills, awareness and understanding of global issues such as environment, technology, economy and culture. “It helps broaden their perspective of learning and building their 21st century skills of communication and collaboration,” she adds.

Sabbidine’s students use new interactive learning tools like Plickers and Padlet that enable them to self-assess, express themselves and convey their ideas and thoughts. You can also watch videos of their STEAM projects here and here.

About Rana Sabbidine

  • Blog URL: http://clover-khalil.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Educational background:  Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics.
  • What is the best advice you have ever received?  “Be yourself, keep up your motivation, innovation and hardworking spirit. The sky is our limit.” – Mr. Amine Daouk, president of Makassed Association
  • Website I check every day:  www.almakassed.edu.lb and http://ksps.almakassed.edu.lb/
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