“When I started to realize that I didn’t have to teach alone, and that there were many mentors and resources to turn to, my teaching was transformed.” – Meenoo Rami

Meenoo Rami
Manager, Minecraft Education at Microsoft
Seattle, Washington, USA

Meenoo Rami has taken a diverse path as an educator – both in the traditional sense, and also in the world of technology. Rami is a national board certified teacher who taught students English for ten years at Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy. She is the author of Thrive, and currently works as manager for Minecraft Education at Microsoft, where she helps educators, districts, and organizations reimagine game-based learning for classroom practice.

Recently, Rami was a popular keynote speaker at the recent Microsoft Education Exchange (E2) in Toronto.

As if those accomplishments weren’t enough, Rami is also the founder of #engchat, an international Twitter chat for English teachers; a teacher-consultant for the National Writing Project; and an instructor in Arcadia University’s Connected Learning Certificate Program. Last but not least, she has also served as a teaching fellow with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where she led the portfolio to help teachers refine their practice through collaboration.

And while it’s been a couple of years since Rami was in the classroom, she still looks back fondly on her favorite project from her high school English classroom: creating a teen magazine.

“Using a simple editing and publishing tool like Microsoft Word, my students collaborated to create this publication aimed at a teen audience,” says Rami. “By giving students relevant tasks that further their research, writing, and editing skills, I was able to provide them with a powerful learning experience that went beyond writing a simple paper in my class.”

You can connect with Meenoo Rami on her Educator Community profile.

 About Meenoo Rami

  • Blog URL: meenoorami.org
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology:  Minecraft Education 😉
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? Remain curious.
  • Website I check every day:  education.minecraft.net
  • Favorite childhood memory: Reading with my dad.
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