“The use of Sway is the most powerful activity that enables students to do more in a short amount of time.” – Amna Manzoor, Dubai


Amna Manzoor
Innovation Coordinator and ICT Teacher Post 16
Pristine Private School
Dubai, UAE

Amna Manzoor is on a mission to connect her students to the world globally. This mission has often been challenging, but with the help of technology – especially Skype in the Classroom – Manzoor and her classes are making great strides.

One such project that has had a major impact on the students in Manzoor’s class involves a global mural message. Titled 100 Days of Positivity, the mural was created in 2016 for the children of Fukushima, Japan, who were still recovering from the 2011 tsunami.

“We wanted to be there with them in the time of their resilience,” says Manzoor. “Students in Fukushima requested that they did not want any funds. So, in a brainstorming session on how we could contribute, we decided to send messages of hope to the students, the people of Fukushima, and those cleaning the nuclear plant.”

Students used PowerPoint and Sway to share their “moment of hope and faith”. “It was a joy to witness such strong bond formed due to kindness and empathy,” shares Manzoor.

And in recent exciting news, Manzoor and her students just received the exciting news that they are first-prize recipients in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Project.

Along with her goal to ensure her students see beyond the walls of their own classroom, Manzoor is also dedicated to helping other educators build their skills. “The largest challenge today is the professional development of educators to teach students for the unknown jobs of the future,” she says.

Through Skype, Manzoor met Evin Schwartz, founder of Belouga.org. Belouga’s mission is to build a global ecosystem of students and teachers and instill emotional equity in each of them by identifying similarities and embracing differences through everyday communication.

Now, as a member of the Board of Educators for Belouga, Manzoor has watched Belouga grow from eight to 450 classrooms around the world. “The moment that has defined me as an educator is that I have been more than thrilled to become a part of Belouga,” says Manzoor.

Perhaps most important to Manzoor is the fact that her students are able to work as interns at Belouga, broadening not only their world view, but also their 21st century skills.

You can learn more about Manzoor’s projects and connect with her on her Educator Community profile.


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