“We need passion and constant innovation in teaching.” – Nam Ngo Thanh, Vietnam

Nam Ngo Thanh
Grade 5th Teacher
Vietnam Australia International School
Ho Chi Minh City/ Vietnam

“I think that a successful classroom is one in which students feel at home, teachers are like parents, and friends are like brothers,” says MIEE Nam Ngo Thanh. “[In the classroom], my students are active, showing their creativity and passion. Every period, I always create the opportunity to evoke the passion of my students so that they can express their full potential as well as overcome their limitations.”

Thanh, who struggled to engage in school when he was young, is determined to help his students chart a different path toward life-long learning. And as a MIE Expert, MIE Fellow, Microsoft Teacher Ambassador and Skype Master Teacher, he practices what he preaches.

“Being part of the MIE Expert program has helped open up new doors I never knew existed before,” Thanh shares with us. “I have the opportunity to learn new teaching methods, and to learn about the advanced education trends of teachers throughout the world. I think that every day, teachers should be constantly learning so that their students will not become disadvantaged simply because their teacher lacks passion. In my classes, I always give students active learning hours, as well as creating opportunities for them to express their creativity.”

One activity that Thanh and his students are fond of is Skype in the Classroom. “Skype has become an integral part of implementing global projects,” says Thanh. “In 2015, I first used Skype in my classroom while doing the project We are little volunteers. My students got the chance to work on projects with friends from the Philippines, Serbia, Israel, and India.”

Thanh has collaborated with other MIEEs on Skype in the Classroom activities like Wai Water , The Women in History on Tour, and the Capturing Christmas Across the Globe holiday card. He is currently working on a global project called, “Five Safe Fingers,” in which he is collaborating with over 60 educators from 20 countries.

“By using technology in these projects, [my students] are decisive in product realization, find documentation, and take initiative and responsibility in their studies,” says Thanh. “I also use Skype to invite experts to join my class or to host virtual field trips. And, I am very happy to hear from my students that learning is fun!”

Thanh and his students didn’t stop at Skype. They use OneNote, Sway, Office Mix and the Flipped Classroom to ensure they are all innovating together,

“I often remind my students of a saying: ‘No one is weak and no one is perfect. Be proud of yourself to strive with all of your power so that you will never have to regret the time that has passed by so fast,’” he says.

You can connect with Nam Ngo Thanh at his Microsoft Educator Community Profile

About Nam Ngo Thanh

  • Blog URL:https://namngovas.wordpress.com/
  • Educational background: B.A. in Primary Education, B.A in English
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology:  OneNote, Sway, Office Mix, Skype, Office 365
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? “Be the best you can be. Do not ever feel inferior to others. Each of you is unique, and you don’t need to be the same.”
  • Website I check every day:https://education.microsoft.com/
  • Favorite childhood memory: As a grade 7 student, I was lucky that my teacher allowed me to use a computer to make a presentation on the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day that I never did before. Although I did not win anything in this contest, this was a great memory.
  • Favorite book:Finnish Lessons: What can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? By Pasi Sahlberg


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