“Technology is a tool for teaching, not a substitution for the teachers.” – Artur Rudnicki, Poland

Artur Rudnicki Teacher
V-CE Head Master
Radom Technical School
Radom, Poland

Most of the educators we speak with here at Daily Edventures have a “moment” that sticks out as a defining time in their career. For Artur Rudnicki – an IT teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and MIE Master Trainer – it was when the teenagers at his school let him know the technology at their homes was better than what they used at school.

“I made a decision that in our school, it would be really modern,” shares Rudnicki. “That students would be surprised by our software, our solutions. And we are doing it! Nowadays, the students check to see what technology we use at school because they want to have exactly the same in their houses.”

As part of his quest to ensure that mission continues, Rudnicki and his school, Radom Technical School – a Microsoft Mentor School –  have organized a nationwide Polish conference for teachers, which introduces teachers from all over Poland to the newest technology.

“We must keep teachers up with changing the technological realities,” adds Rudnicki, “because students are born with technology and they understand it already.”


Here, Rudnicki shares some views of his work in Microsoft ClassRoom, Office 365 and OneNote Class Notebook. You can also connect with Rudnicki and learn more about his work on his Microsoft Educator Profile.

My classes in Microsoft Classroom

Part of my lesson using Packet Tracer, OneNote and Wacom tablets.

About Artur Rudnicki
Teacher, V-CE Head Master
Radom Technical School
Radom, Poland

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