“I cannot imagine teaching without cloud applications.” – Tomasz Lukawski, Poland

Tomasz Lukawski
Head Teacher and Computer Science Teacher
Primary School No.3
Zabki/Warsaw, Poland

Music may seem like an unusual path to computer science, but for principal and classroom teacher Tomasz Lukawski, it proved to be just that.

“I used to be a music teacher,” Lukawski explains. “From the beginning, as soon as I bought my first PC, I composed music on the computer and accompaniment for the school vocal group. Computer science so fascinated me, that I decided to teach it.”

These days, Lukawski takes full advantage of technology to not only manage his school and communicate with parents, students and teachers, but to take the curriculum to the next level.

“We use Skype in the Classroom to have videoconferences with schools from other countries, mostly the UK, Kosovo, Austria and Ireland,” he says. “With Skype, we run interdisciplinary projects to learn history, nature, informatics and English as a foreign language.”

 Lukawski is also a big fan of cloud applications like Office365 and of code.org, an interactive site where kids (and teachers) at all experience levels can learn to code.Cloud applications and the development of online coding were breakthroughs,” Lukawski notes, “And I cannot imagine teaching without cloud applications.”

 Like most of his fellow Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Experts, Lukawski is dedicated to helping other educators use technology to make a difference in their classrooms. Two years ago, he started – and continues to organize – a nationwide conference on the modern school. Lukawski also delivers TED-style talks about modern technologies in education at numerous conferences.

 Learn more from Tomasz Lukawski on his blog, and be sure to connect with him through his Microsoft Educator Community Profile 

 About Tomasz Lukawski

·        Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology:  Office365, Sway, OneNote Class Notebook, code.org What is the best advice you have ever received? Are you laying the bricks? Are you making a wall or are you building a cathedral? Commit to the mission of your work as a teacher.

·        Website I check every day:  www.code.org, www.onet.pl

·        Favorite childhood memory:  I often went higher and higher in the trees. And when I was on top, I closed my eyes and imagined my future.

·        Favorite book:  Das Glasperlenspiel by Hermann Hesse

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