“I still remember the first time my students and I did a Mystery Skype. They got a big surprise — it was like magic for them.” – Jaime Toribio, Spain

Jaime Toribio
Primary School Teacher/IT Leader
Colegio San Agustín
Valladolid, Spain

For MIE Expert Jaime Toribio, new teaching and learning strategies are perfectly compatible with traditional methodology. But while new technologies allow for more efficient teamwork, according to Toribio, they can also require more motivation.

“This year my students were asked to develop different projects using OneNote, working in teams through the collaborative space,” Toribio shares. “Some tasks were done at school and some were done at home, but even not being together, they stayed connected to each other so that they could share the information. Students inserted links into Sway presentations and summarized explanations of the units from the book in Office Mix. They used Word, and they could also evaluate themselves in Forms. Being able to identify the possible problems and solve them in real time is a very important matter for me as a teacher.”

Toribio is also a big believer in experiential learning.

“One the most important advantages is that my students can surf the 3D surroundings to make their understanding of complex concepts easier,” he says. “Throughout the year, we developed several projects using Sensavis 3D and 3D Builder. We went through the simple geometric bodies to some really complex ones. Some 10- to 12-year-old students even dared to carry out a model of the school. The results were astonishing!“

How does Toribio find inspiration for himself and his students?

Skype plays a big part.“I think getting to know what students and teachers from other parts of the world do, interacting with them and learning their culture is fascinating,” he tells us. “I still remember the first time my students and I did a Mystery Skype. They got a big surprise — it was like magic for them. That activity makes clear to me that teaching methodology needs to be updated.”

Toribio is also acutely aware of what today’s students will face when they leave school.

“I am sure that the quick and shocking challenges that are taking place in our society are also a challenge for educators,” he notes. “My priority is preparing my students to face these challenges.”

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About Jaime Toribio

  • Educational background: University graduate and computer programmer.
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology: Teams and OneNote.
  • Website I check every day: Filmaffinity
  • Favorite childhood memory: When my parents gave me my first computer: a “Spectrum”!
  • Favorite book: Don Quijote de la Mancha
  • Best advice you have ever received: “Brevity is the soul of wit. Be brief.”
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