“I connect with people all around the world, which shows my students different cultures.” – Pawel Stawski, Poland

Paweł Piotr Stawski
English Teacher
Szkoła Podstawowa w Izabelinie
Izabelin, Poland

For Paweł Stawski, the question of how to integrate technology into his classroom isn’t a question at all. It’s an imperative.

“Students use technology; therefore we have to be in their world,” he says. “I use technology all the time.”

When Stawski says “all the time,” he means it. He recently took part in more than 100 Skype connections with his students, introducing them to new cultures throughout the world, all with the goal of teaching English. Here are just a few screenshots of their global Mystery Skype travels.

And while he’s a Mystery Skype ambassador, he and his students don’t discriminate when it comes to the tools they use to learn.

“My favorite activity is playing Minecraft and talking in English while doing so,” Stawski adds.

Stawski is committed to motivating other teachers to creatively use Skype during their lessons. He can be found at conferences sharing his experience, but also learning and gaining inspiration from others.

“[I remember] the moment when [lecturer] Paul Davies told me about ‘magic moments’ in teachers’ work,” Stawski says. “These are precious short moments when you could feel you actually did your job well.”

You can connect – and maybe start a Mystery Skype? — with Paweł Stawski on his Microsoft Educator Community profile.

About Paweł Piotr Stawski

  • Educational background:  Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics, MA in Economics, and Warsaw University BA in English Philology
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology:  Skype, OneNote
  • Website I check every day:  interia.pl
  • Favorite childhood memory:  Seeing ducks in the park in Warsaw.
  • Favorite book: Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind



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