“I want to focus more on the student and where their passion to learn comes from.” – Pauline Maas, The Netherlands

Pauline Maas
ICT teacher and author of children’s coding books
VSO Mariendael and CodeKlas (NGO)
Arnhem, Netherlands


When Pauline Maas left her career in technology to become a teacher, she was seeking a completely new work environment and a place where she could make a difference. She got both, but isn’t stopping there.

“I notice that teachers really want to change things,” says Maas. “Our school is very personalized (kunskapskolan), but we still must do so many mandatory things. There’s not always time to experiment. I want to focus more on the student and where their passion to learn comes from.”

One place at her school allows Maas to do just that: the Makerspace. “The students can work on anything they choose from a list of 40 different subjects, robotics, coding, soldering, working with wood, 3D printing, laser cutting, or just experiments they find on YouTube,” Maas shares with us. “I am happy when all of my students say, ‘Yes, it is working.’ Not only the bright kids, but every kid.”

Connect with Pauline at her Microsoft Educator Community profile or on her blog.

About Pauline Maas

  • Favorite app: Micro:bit
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? Do the things where your heart lies.
  • Website I check every day: YouTube
  • Favorite childhood memory: Helping in my father’s company with coal.
  • Favorite book:  The Rosie Project
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