“The thrill of waiting for the next Mystery Skype has become our daily routine.” – Ana Stojkovic, Serbia

Ana Stojkovic
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language
Primary School Stanimir Veljkovic Zele
Bojnik, Serbia

Ana Stojkovic has always believed that, with the right help from an enthusiastic and a determined teacher, every child can excel in any school subject. “The moment I started my teaching career, I decided to give my best and become no less than such a teacher,” she says.

One of the first challenges she had to overcome was her school’s location. Situated in an underdeveloped area of Serbia, most of the pupils did not have computers or the internet at home. School was – and for many pupils still is — the only link to the world beyond the classroom and course books.

“Entering the world of Microsoft and Skype in the Classroom helped us open a new chapter in our school life,” Stojkovic tells us. “The world suddenly got much smaller and at the same time, another world of wonderfully different opportunities lay ahead.”

For Stojkovic, this means continuous professional improvement. And for her pupils, the chance to use the English language in action and to Skype with children from other countries, even from across the ocean.

“The thrill of waiting for the next Mystery Skype has become our daily routine,” says Stojkovic. “I enjoy the moments when my pupils realize how much they have in common with their new friends across the ocean or that making mistakes while using English to communicate is of little importance compared to making friends around the globe.”

The class has joined the Let’s End Poverty project, and Stojkovic says it was a “groundbreaking moment in our classroom.” Her students took a serious interest and active part in this Skype in the Classroom project. “They used Minecraft to represent inequalities among people, proving once again how creative and imaginative children are and how important technology is in the learning process,” adds Stojkovic. “They talked about the causes and consequences of poverty and finally agreed on education as the main solution to this global problem.”

The children became more aware of their own surroundings and the impact their actions have in the community. “Parents are invited to support their children,” says Stojkovic. “This is how the whole community is educated: by putting the well-being of all its members in the center of all the school projects and events, making our school the center of the future prosperity of the whole community.”

Connect with Ana Stojkovic on the Microsoft Educator Community, or on Twitter.

About Ana Stojkovic 

  • Educational background: BA in English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology: Sway, Skype
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? Don`t judge the book by its cover.
  • Website I check every day: Facebook
  • Favorite childhood memory: A sight of me and my family standing in front of a waterfall in the beautiful Greek town of Edessa.
  • Favorite book: Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman



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