“Teaching happiness is what I do.” – Ranjitsinh Disale, India

Ranjitsinh Disale
ZP School

In 2009, Ranjitsinh Disale began teaching at a government school in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Like many schools in remote Indian villages, attendance was low as students were needed at home to help support their families. Not one to accept the status quo, Disale took action.

“I started fetching children from their homes to attend school,” he tells us. “However, I knew that to ensure the children stayed for the whole academic year, I would have to turn my classroom into a place that they looked forward to coming to every day. My classroom is a place to enjoy. Teaching happiness is what I do.”

Disale, who will be attending next month’s E2 in Paris, found what he needed to engage his students through Microsoft’s #MIEExpert program, where fellow educators share valuable insights on integrating technology in the classroom.

Fast forward to 2017, Disale started India’s first Skype Virtual Field Trip. Since then, his students have explored the world. During these virtual field trips (VTF), students can watch him performing a series of experiments in his laboratory, go on a tour of a local textile factory, or learn about dinosaurs with exhibits at the Science Center.

“So far, about 800 classrooms from 90 countries have benefitted from my VFTs and I have taught nearly 72,000 students across the world,” Disale tells us. “I am the first teacher from India to register three VTFs—Science Park, Dinosaurs, and a History of Textile Industry in Solapur—on the MIE Platform.”

In addition to taking his students around the world on Skype, Disale is also guiding his peers in the optimum use of technology in the classroom. So far, he has trained more than 12,000 educators and enrolled them in the Microsoft Educator Community.

“By incorporating technology in a lesson, children also begin to absorb their lessons better,” he explains. “For example, when learning about Shivaji’s fort in the history book for Class 4, students not only see the fort on video, but also use Skype to speak to locals who know more about its history. This helps the children develop skills of communication, questioning, and verifying information. After collecting the information, they discuss it amongst themselves, strengthening their discussion skills.”

Disale has had many proud moments as an educator. One of the proudest was being included in one of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s #Hit Refresh videos as one of three changemakers making a difference across India.

“I truly believe the world is my classroom,” he says, “and I am passionate to inspire every student on this planet to create the world of tomorrow.”

You can connect with Disale on his Microsoft Educator Community profile, Twitter, or his blog.

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