1:1 Learning

“We want to shape young minds to learn computer science – now when they are at their most creative point in their life. We want students to fuel their curiosity and creativity by developing apps and games relevant to their lives.” – Michael Braun, USA

Personalized Learning in a Showcase School in Colombia

This video showcases a school in Colombia, Colegio Fontan , that using Microsoft technology in creating a Personalized learning system for students and teachers to use so that students drive their own learning.  

“One of the greatest tools available is BrainPOP, an animated video resource that covers all subjects, all areas, and all grade levels. In short, 6 minute videos, students are able to get great instruction on any topic.” – Adina Popa, USA

“We wanted to be able to offer our students and teachers a tablet device that would do all of the computing they were used to with a laptop, then take that further.” – Kimberly Evelti, USA

Microsoft World Tour School – Hellerup School, Denmark

Hellerup School is one of the Microsoft World Tour Schools in the Innovative Schools Program. The school is operating in one big open classroom environment without walls. Students are encouraged to work according to their individual learning styles in a synergy … Continue reading

The Microsoft Innovative Schools Pitch Competition: Funding Transformative Ideas in Education

If you have been following along with our coverage of the Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona, you may have already read about The Microsoft Innovative Schools Pitch Competition.  This competition was the first challenge of its kind at the … Continue reading

“We see a lot of schools that suffer from what I call ‘shiny object syndrome,’ where they get excited about a tool, and many times, they haven’t really thought through what the curricular impact is of those devices on the school.” – Andrew Shelffo, USA

“We believe that educational institutions are seriously struggling today to cope with the mass introduction of technology in the education process.” – Nikolaos Nikou, Greece

“Teachers, as the gatekeepers of the classroom, are the ones that will enable … digital technology to have a positive effect on teaching, learning, student engagement and ultimately learning outcomes.” – Terry Byers, Australia

“We’re looking at the way we teach, the way students learn and the way leaders lead. It’s a movement.” – Max Drummy, Australia

“We have to create one central European education organization, with central skill definitions, central online exams and without any decision possibilities for local or federal administration. Start now!” – Michael Fees, Germany

One-to-One Learning: Williston Northampton School chooses Surface Pro

Learn why the Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts chose the Surface Pro with Windows 8 for every student and faculty member to help bring one-to-one learning to life. The Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts is home to 80 Middle School … Continue reading

Think Teachers and Students First, then Technology

One of the best things about my job is the fact that I get to travel the world and meet with inspiring educators who are doing incredible things throughout the globe. Just recently I was fortunate enough to travel to … Continue reading

“It became clear to us a few years ago that the common core state standards, testing requirements, low cost tablets with long battery life and digital content were all converging to create massive change in the education industry.” – Bob Chung, USA

“Not facts, not memorization, but thinking and being creative are the vital skills we need.” – Pamela Livingston, USA

“[The most exciting innovation happening in education today] is transforming to a student- centered ecosystem and realigning teachers’ pedagogy to completely support the personalized approach.” – USA

“History will show that mobile technology will be the catalyst of the greatest revolution in education because it is putting the learner in the drivers’ seat.” – Susan Kruger, USA

“I’m a believer of the BYOD approach. I believe that smartphones are about to be game changers in education, not only in developing countries, where it’s often the only Internet access, but also in industrialized countries.” – Jérôme Serre, France

“Most governments make investments in education because they see the long-term economic benefits of improving their education systems.” – James Bernard, USA

“I think we pushed past the tipping point (with 1:1 education) about 18 months ago. Today, over 21 million kids around the world are in 1:1 programs. It’s no longer a question of why should we do this, but how we do it effectively.” – Bruce Dixon, Australia