Building Teacher Capacity

“Within all my projects, I use technology in order to transform my students into creators and pupils who have a say, express ideas and share them with the world.” – Marie-Hélène Fasquel, France

“…Everyone has a story. Everyone has a struggle. And everyone needs help along the way.” – Pearl Arredondo, USA

“I don’t get a huge Christmas bonus, but when I get a handwritten letter from a student explaining to me how I made a difference in their lives, that’s priceless.” – Sean McComb, USA

Managing the Classroom with ClassPolicy

A while back, I had the privilege to sit down and talk with Bob Chung, Class Policy’s creator and CEO of AssistX Education. Now I am excited to share this video of how Louis, a teacher at James Madison Middle School, gets his … Continue reading

“There are not enough tools for teachers. We are trying to give them, in one place, very powerful visual tools that get kids excited.” – Ondrej Homola, Czech Republic

Exploring Tomorrow’s Education, Today

“We want to create students that are as innovative as Steve Jobs, as determined as Michael Jordan, as brave as Rosa Parks, as creative as Walt Whitman, as efficient as Henry Ford, as passionate as Oprah Winfrey and as kind as Mister Rogers.” – Ryan Devlin, USA

“The only way to really succeed in making changes to education for the better is to hand power to the students.” – Scott Wieprecht, UK

“I am committed to the idea that the only way to redress the inequality with education systems is to make use of technology to assist teachers who have limited training and resources.” – Cheryl Douglas, South Africa

“Sometimes when you try to make changes in education you receive a bunch of criticism and you have many problems that discourage you. But you must continue because at the end of the road, there is always a light and when you look back, you discover everything made sense.” – William Caldera Pantoja, Colombia

“Whereas I treasure being one, I must also use the opportunity [of being a Microsoft Expert Educator] to empower others to embrace technology and hence revolutionize the world in terms of teaching and learning.” – Hannington Ochieng, Kenya

Not every profession has its own special appreciation week, but when it comes to a job as important as teaching, the entire nation shows up to express their gratitude.

While Teacher Appreciation Week gives us an excellent opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions of educators, it’s also a reminder for all of us – wherever we are — to celebrate teachers every day of the year. I hope you’ll … Continue reading

Guest Blog: From Paupers to the Prince

During the Microsoft in Education Global Forum, I was invited to attend an educational round table discussion with His Royal Highness, the Prince of Asturias and Gerona, Felipe de Borbon, the Crown Prince of Spain. I am a classroom teacher … Continue reading

National Teacher Day: Thanking our Everyday Heroes

One of my favorite questions that we ask in our Daily Edventures interviews is: “Can you tell us about a favorite teacher, or someone who made a difference in your education?” Almost universally, our most innovative teachers attribute their success … Continue reading

#ThankaTeacher and Show Your Support For The Hardwork They Do Every Day

Tomorrow is National Teacher Appreciation Day here in the United States. It’s a day to reflect back on the many great and inspiring teachers you have had in your life. It is a day to celebrate and show your support for … Continue reading

Great Teaching Should Be Recognized All Year!

The infographic below was posted on the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education blog. The statistics are grabbing and the teacher hero stories are really inspiring!    

Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2014 – Reflection from an Expert Educator

“Teaching is the perfect profession for me—it’s full of endless challenge. It never gets easy, and just when I think that I might have it figured out, I’m exposed to something new that shows me how little I actually know.” – Devon Caldwell, Canada

“I learned that what truly makes Partners in Learning and Microsoft Education great is the people that are part of it: the educators from across the globe who seek out other educators who think alike.” – Doug Bergman, USA

Extending The Reach of Excellent Teachers Infographic

Why does every child need consistent access to excellent teachers, and how can we, today, extend the reach of the excellent teachers our nation already has? This infographic illustrates four ways school can use job redesign and technology to put … Continue reading