“If we can trust and empower schools, then we are more likely to unleash creativity, to expand thinking, to provide meaningful and relevant opportunities and experiences for their communities.” – Adam Nye, USA

“I have seen game-based learning improve grades, scores, attendance and classroom behavior. Even the most risk-averse campuses are looking to replicate these kinds of results, so perhaps my company’s work has removed some of the grueling guesswork by showing – definitively – that game-based learning can work wonders in the classroom – and beyond.” – Rick Brennan, USA

Skype in the Classroom and the Extraordinary Lesson

This video is just one of many examples of the inspiring learning experiences being created everyday around the world through the Skype in the classroom teacher community.  Through a partnership with the team at GOOD, Skype enabled Founder and Chief Shoe Giver at … Continue reading

“One thing that students must learn is to use their resources. Many people have the mentality that they can do it on their own but it is important to have other people’s ideas to be incorporated together. The saying that two minds are better than one is very true. Everyone has different strengths.” – Victoria Parisi, USA

“But the overall inertia and immune system of “education” is very strong, and if we were to disappear tomorrow, I’m not sure anything would be different than it would have been 100 years from now.” – Alec Resnick, USA

“Work on an app that you feel passionate about…You’ll be challenged every day, so you must be clear of your ultimate vision for the app and who will benefit from it.” – Marc Zimmerman, USA

“We have this wonderful thing called the Internet, and we need to try to leverage it to ease the friction… and show people they just might have more in common than what they’re being told.” – Robin Pettyfer, Philippines

“If we can make learning fun and fuel our children’s natural curiosity, we’ve already taken a giant step forward.” – Thomas Deng, USA

Tree Key Brings Students and Nature Together

It’s always rewarding when, in the weeks and months following the Microsoft in Education Global Forum, we begin to see the fruits of the connections made there. In the case of one project – those fruits are actually entire trees.   … Continue reading

“Innovation rules the future. The advancements in technology have changed the lifestyle of every individual.” – Meka Ramakrishna Sayee, India

“I truly believe that in today’s world when you’re not learning, you’re falling behind.” – Emily Douglas, USA

From Teachers, for Teachers: The Innteach Blog Celebrates an Anniversary

One year ago – April 3rd, 2013 – the Innteach (originally titled “Teachnology”) blog was born from the shared vision of three educators who met at the 2013 Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Prague. The vision was to help other … Continue reading

“Being an entrepreneur can be frustrating and time-consuming, of course. Patience is key.” – Johnnie Lovett, USA

The Microsoft Innovative Schools Pitch Competition: Funding Transformative Ideas in Education

If you have been following along with our coverage of the Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona, you may have already read about The Microsoft Innovative Schools Pitch Competition.  This competition was the first challenge of its kind at the … Continue reading

The Month in Review

A Celebration of Innovation in Action: A Look Back at the 2014 Global Forum

I have often said that education has the power to transform the world. After the incredible week we had at the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona, I know this adage could not be more true. Over 1,100 … Continue reading

2014 Global Forum Pitch Competition Results

All week school leaders have collated and collaborated at the 9th Annual Microsoft in Education Global Forum. Last night we heard from the 6 Mentor School finalists  who pitched their ideas to judges Tamela Noboa, Chief Strategy Officer, Discovery Channel … Continue reading

2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum Pitch Competition Preview

One of the many exciting elements of this year’s Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona is the Pitch Competition. This competition is an opportunity for school leaders, teachers and students to present their transformative ideas for education to a … Continue reading

“We believe that educational institutions are seriously struggling today to cope with the mass introduction of technology in the education process.” – Nikolaos Nikou, Greece

“Right now I think that we are ‘app driven’ — the apps decide which learning goals we should have. I hope we will get to the point where the teachers set the learning goals and use apps to support reaching those goals.” – Mattias Boström, Sweden

Matuto Literacy for Life

With an estimated one in four adults functionally illiterate, literacy is the number-one educational challenge facing countries across the globe. Making the challenge even more complex, technology is redefining what literacy means. Today, basic ICT skills are a core literacy, … Continue reading