Game Based Learning

“If we can trust and empower schools, then we are more likely to unleash creativity, to expand thinking, to provide meaningful and relevant opportunities and experiences for their communities.” – Adam Nye, USA

“I have seen game-based learning improve grades, scores, attendance and classroom behavior. Even the most risk-averse campuses are looking to replicate these kinds of results, so perhaps my company’s work has removed some of the grueling guesswork by showing – definitively – that game-based learning can work wonders in the classroom – and beyond.” – Rick Brennan, USA

Building Formative Assessment into Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning (GBL) it is an innovative practice that is working to engage kids in learning important 21st century skills and content. In this sixth grade classroom at Quest to Learn, ongoing feedback is embedded throughout the course of a collaborative … Continue reading

“Via playful learning, children can acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes in a stimulating environment.” – Symeon Retalis, Greece

“One of the greatest tools available is BrainPOP, an animated video resource that covers all subjects, all areas, and all grade levels. In short, 6 minute videos, students are able to get great instruction on any topic.” – Adina Popa, USA

Classroom Game Design: Paul Andersen at TEDxBozeman

Paul Andersen has been teaching science in Montana for the last eighteen years.  He explains how he is using elements of game design to improve learning in his AP Biology classroom.  Paul’s science videos have been viewed millions of times … Continue reading

“I like impacting how younger generations view the world and like them to view unknown topics optimistically as digestible environments. I also like the performance component of the lecture. It really forces you to be in the present.” – Nick Mastronardi, USA

“I just see two spaces: physical and virtual. The best solution would be to connect these two naturally and find the fitting content from both spaces.” – Santeri Koivisto, Finland

“I work to promote creativity among my students, and I encourage them to value our culture and identity. I have students that have pursued many different areas of study, and they have become professionals with a more humane and creative vision of the world.” – Rodrigo Ayres de Araújo, Brazil

“All of my students that have participated in the Imagine Cup are now working in the field they were studying, and I use them as case studies to inspire others.” – José A. Rodríguez and José M. Abonguez, Puerto Rico

“Apps are great and students love to play and learn with them, but apps cannot be teachers. You must, first, have an objective. What do you want to achieve with this app? What do you want your students to learn?” – Ovi Barcelo, Spain

As a reader of Daily Edventures, you may be very familiar with one of our favorite Windows 8 resources: Innteach (formerly known as the “Windows 8 Apps in Education blog” or “Teachnology”), created by alumni Ovi Barcelo and Luis Fernandes … Continue reading

“I feel that technology works best when it is in harmony, or balance, with the human experience. When tech is smart enough to get out-of-the-way of the user, the user can be more creative.” – Bryan Falcón, USA

Teachers and high-schoolers connect over pizza on Cool Street with new games-based learning app

Where classroom technology is concerned, it’s impossible to ignore the impact interactive whiteboards have had in helping to transform traditional, teacher-at-the-chalkboard pedagogy. Promethean has played an important role in that shift, and they’re continuing to push boundaries with this week’s … Continue reading

“My greatest hope for the future of education in India is the integration of ICT in education to enhance opportunities for students so that they can compete with rest of the world.” – Surekha Anwekar, India

“The principles and problem solving capabilities of algebra are, in themselves, fascinating.” – USA

With summer vacation here (or fast approaching), formal classes may be on hiatus, but as any math teacher will tell you, that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t continue to work on their skills. Over the long summer break, students may be … Continue reading

“It’s easy for students to lose motivation and give up. They become convinced that math is too difficult for them. With DragonBox we want to change that and help kids believe in themselves and their own abilities.” – Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Norway

“India has over 200 million kids in the school-going age. So scale is a big factor to consider when discussing any change/solution. If we can figure out education models that can impart 21st century skills to students at such a large scale – that will be a first step towards revolutionizing education in India.” – Amruth B R, India

“We are fortunate to have access to many technology programs and are deeply immersed in integrating technology in our curriculum” – Monica Kissel

“There is a strong demand for an educational solution that is visual, immersive and experiential” – Ondrej Homola, Czech Republic

“With the development of more functional and accessible devices, being able to learn on any device, anywhere, and at any time, mobile learning is the paradigm shift occurring in many schools” – Kari Stubbs, USA