“Via playful learning, children can acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes in a stimulating environment.” – Symeon Retalis, Greece

“One of the greatest tools available is BrainPOP, an animated video resource that covers all subjects, all areas, and all grade levels. In short, 6 minute videos, students are able to get great instruction on any topic.” – Adina Popa, USA

“Innovation rules the future. The advancements in technology have changed the lifestyle of every individual.” – Meka Ramakrishna Sayee, India

“In my honest opinion, education is not tied strongly enough to reality.” – Dani Casanova, Spain

“We need creative minds because there’s no easy or obvious way to achieve great solutions for the challenges the world faces today.” – Cristina Isern, Spain

“We wanted to be able to offer our students and teachers a tablet device that would do all of the computing they were used to with a laptop, then take that further.” – Kimberly Evelti, USA

“I truly believe that in today’s world when you’re not learning, you’re falling behind.” – Emily Douglas, USA

“We need a lot of work to be done, and if it’s not us doing this work, and pushing for it, then who else is going to do it?” – Professor Dr. Amro Khater, Egypt

“Being an entrepreneur can be frustrating and time-consuming, of course. Patience is key.” – Johnnie Lovett, USA

“The highest performing school systems in the world have high expectations for all their students, and I think that’s probably the single-most important thing that we’ve learned.” – John Fallon, UK

“There is no level of education in any country above the level of their teachers.” – Professor Hossam Badrawi, Egypt

“Having an uneducated mother who is supportive of me getting educated really drives me to achieve great things. She also showed me that education goes beyond school.” – Elaine Nkosi, South Africa

“We see a lot of schools that suffer from what I call ‘shiny object syndrome,’ where they get excited about a tool, and many times, they haven’t really thought through what the curricular impact is of those devices on the school.” – Andrew Shelffo, USA

“My main motivation for being involved in the field of education is that I wholeheartedly believe that education is a gift that should be given to everybody. And I try my best to make that happen.” – Emilio Homedes, Spain

Apps From the Dark Side, by 14-year old Felix

“We believe that educational institutions are seriously struggling today to cope with the mass introduction of technology in the education process.” – Nikolaos Nikou, Greece

“Teachers, as the gatekeepers of the classroom, are the ones that will enable … digital technology to have a positive effect on teaching, learning, student engagement and ultimately learning outcomes.” – Terry Byers, Australia

“I teach because I want to make a difference. I teach because what I do every day matters for at least one person. That’s what success is all about.” – Dalia Younis, Kuwait

“We’ve set a 20-year plan of building the next generation of leaders in the Nkomazi region of South Africa. It’s not about making a quick change, but rather truly empowering the future agents of change.” – Corey Johnson, South Africa/USA

“The greatest gift we can cultivate in students is their curiosity—our challenge is to make sure children stay curious and feel empowered to solve problems in uniquely innovative ways.” – Cheri Sterman, USA