“In my vision, students must understand that we can learn in different spaces, because we are always learning. Out of school we see how technology is in their life, so why do we take it away inside of the school?” – José Carlos Duarte Marques, Portugal

“There are still too many teachers who choose not to use technology in class, either because they do not know how to or because they do not want to change.” – Ann Michaelsen, Norway

“The rules of society are supposed to be the same for everyone. It’s like a poker game, but it’s important to recognize that the game is played very differently depending on the number of chips you have been given to enter the game.” -Cheryl Ingram, USA

“I think the future of education will center on three key tenets: learning must be 1) personalized, 2) exploratory, and 3) integrated [with the rest of life].” – Joe Belsterling, USA

“Because everybody is not the same, everybody is different, and the difference is something you should enjoy, that is a feeling you should value. When they go out of the classroom with a smile, that makes my day. That is my kind of day, the kind of way to end the day.” – Michio Inaba, Japan

“My greatest hope for the future of education in my country is that we inculcate 21st century skills among our students and transform all classrooms into digital classrooms.” – Nirmala Gupta, India

“I am excited about sourcing computer science talent from 100 percent of the population. It’s traditionally been male dominated, [with] very few minorities in the field. As it becomes culturally more acceptable for different kinds of people to get involved, I think that the progress in computer science will accelerate even faster.” – Adam Cannon, USA

“One of my jobs as a teacher is to coach my students to learn for their future life. If I do a good job, my students won’t need me anymore.” – Nicole Speck, Switzerland

“Quality teachers and educational supplies should be evenly dispersed throughout the country. Until this is a reality, it is up to the students to go back into the communities with poorer education systems and give them a boost!” – Tiffany Davis, USA

“We all learn in a different way, at a different pace, and as a teacher, it is practically impossible to cater to everyone’s learning needs. But I strongly believe that we can make that a reality in the near future. The field of learning analytics is very promising and great things are already happening.” – Robin Smorenberg, The Netherlands

“Only by trying (and sometimes failing) to be innovative in our practice, do we provide students with the learning experiences and opportunities that we may not have had ourselves. Surely this is what we should be striving for as educators?” – David Walsh, Ireland

Just to Summarize it: it is life changing!

“Only education gives meaningful freedom and a reason for our existence. Education differentiates between an animal and a human being. Education makes our life beautiful.” – Anutosh Deb, India

“I think language education can play a critical role in the world, since language leads to better understanding other people: If you know a language, you can better understand the person’s true heart.” – Meejeong Song, USA

“My most exciting moments are often related to sharing the tools that I know and love and seeing the wheels turning when a teacher realizes the potential of what I am demonstrating for them.” – David Lopez, USA

“Teaching is about relationships. Students need to know you care before they will care about what you know.” – Jason Messer, USA

“Many teachers feel confined by state examinations and the content that needs to be taught for students to be prepared for them. It is easy to be consumed by this pressure and not too risk innovative practices that may be perceived by some to undermine a students progress towards this destination on the map.” – Steve Martin, New Zealand

“The modern world is fast-paced and dynamic; it can only be negotiated effectively through the use of technology. If we do not prepare students to adapt to new technology, we are simply failing them.” – Matt Pitts, UK

“Being able to communicate with children around the world via Lync has been an invaluable experience, and the prospect of this expanding even further around the globe as part of the Global Enterprise Challenge is extremely exciting.” – Jayne Charlton, UK

“At the start of Imagine Cup, we were talking to each other saying, ‘There is no way we’ll get to the finals because there is so much amazing stuff out there.’ Clearly we’ve been proven wrong.” – Team Eyenaemia, Imagine Cup 2014 Winners, Australia