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Simon Johnson - Guest Blog

Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2014 – Reflection from an Expert Educator

Devon Caldwell - Guest Blog

“Teaching is the perfect profession for me—it’s full of endless challenge. It never gets easy, and just when I think that I might have it figured out, I’m exposed to something new that shows me how little I actually know.” – Devon Caldwell, Canada

Doug Bergman - Guest blog

“I learned that what truly makes Partners in Learning and Microsoft Education great is the people that are part of it: the educators from across the globe who seek out other educators who think alike.” – Doug Bergman, USA

Welcome to the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum

Welcome to the biggest week in education! Today is the first day of the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona. Over 1,000 of the most innovative and committed educators, school leaders and government officials from nearly 100 countries … Continue reading

Countdown to the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum Begins!

Are you ready? Are you excited to discover brilliant ideas and hear from the world’s most innovative education thought leaders? Are you ready to get fresh ideas and the tools to make them a reality in your classroom? Well, we … Continue reading

Ivona Spurna - Czech Rep

“In the Czech Republic there are many motivated and inspirational people who work hard, enthusiastically, innovatively and creatively. These people can inspire others. I think the main power of our education is in people, not in the system.” – Ivona Spurna, Czech Republic

“[My philosophy is] to inspire young people with passion, vision and future NOW. Education is not the filling of barrels, but the spark of flames.” – Kurt Söser, Austria

Chandra Wijerathne - Sri Lanka

“The best trend at the moment is definitely the work in student-to-student learning. Teachers play the role of facilitator and guide students, which gives extra energy to students. And teachers should encourage collaborative learning.” – Chandra Wijerathne, Sri Lanka

Shireen D. - USA

“I hope that just by showing up and doing my best and demanding the best of my students that I’m making an impact. I hope my students see the beauty and power of math, and that they become better tinkerers and thinkers and people who are willing to take mental risks.” – Shireen D., USA

Rob Abel - USA

“Personally I feel that innovation in education should be defined as making it easier for teachers and students to do the things THEY want to do. These are the innovations that succeed, scale and sustain.” – Rob Abel, USA

Maria Degadillo - Ecuador

“100 percent of the teachers we are training are losing their fear of technology on the first day.” – Maria Delgadillo, Ecuador

Maggie Hos-McGrane, International Educator,Tech Coordinator - Switzerland

“The connections we make as teachers and the collaborations that students are able to get involved in are crucial in students developing international-mindedness.” – Switzerland

David Ginsburg, Instructional Coach, School Leadership Coach, Math Specialist -USA

“Teachers can only make meaningful changes if they get practical support where it matters most: in the classroom” – USA

Walt Gardner, Education Commentator - USA

“I can’t stress enough the importance of parental involvement. Unless parents reinforce what schools attempt to achieve, little will change” – USA

Narine Baghdasaryan, Teacher - Armenia

Blogging to Connect Students, Teachers and Parents with Information and Each Other – Armenia

Narine Baghdasaryan has learned to be creative in finding ways to communicate with her students. Her project, “Blog as a learning environment: Knowledge tests of different disciplines,” which was awarded first prize in last year’s Partners in Learning European Forum, … Continue reading

Jugaslava Lulic

Teaching teachers

For Jugoslava Lulic, helping other teachers teach is a life-long mission. An innovative teacher recognized three times in her country’s Creative Schools competition, and by the Innovation Education Forum in Berlin, Lulic’s mission is to support other teachers. She does … Continue reading

Dr. Kari Stubbs

Making gaming in the classroom easy and accessible

For Dr. Kari Stubbs, innovation in education has not been a destination, but a journey. “I spent eleven years as a classroom teacher,” says Stubbs.

Mark Sparvell

“Educators have incredible power on impressionable minds to shape self-belief and self-worth”

“If the future is the undiscovered land, then education is the window through which we see this land.”

Pilar Cuello

Learn from your students and don’t be afraid to fail

“I prefer the term ‘learning’ to ‘teaching’,” teacher and education advisor Pilar Cuello likes to say. As both a teacher and a life-long learner, Cuello has translated her love for learning to innovation in the classroom. Working with colleagues in Spain … Continue reading

Chris Clay

“Changing the process of education sometimes requires knocking down a few walls”

Chris Clay, Head of Science Learning, Botany Down Secondary College in Auckland, NZ, isn’t afraid to shake things up. The recent Global Forum Educator Awards first-place winner for his project “Linking Educational Accomplishments to Real-World Needs” believes that teachers need … Continue reading