Project Based Learning


Maker Movement pioneer offers sage advice to creative educators – Dale Dougherty, USA

As part of last month’s Hack the Classroom event, we heard from some true education innovators who have hacked learning spaces around the world to provide students with transformational learning experiences.


“I touch the future. I teach.” – Poonam Dogra, India

Teaching in a remote area of northern India presents its share of challenges – from power outages to slow-to-change local attitudes about education. In the face of these challenges, Poonam Dogra has embraced new teaching approaches and technology, and her … Continue reading

bozena kraj- poland-minniasurface

“Project-based learning appears as a complex process, demanding a lot of didactic, pedagogical and technological contribution to improve the quality of education, but it is what I love, in practice and theory.” – Bozena Kraj, Poland

kandi-lee crooks-smith

“As the face and demands of the classroom change, sadly the mentality of many persons involved in the education sector remains the same…blackboards are converted to whiteboards, but not necessarily smartboards!” – Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith, Jamaica

diederik roelandts- belgium final

“Strictly speaking, my pupils don’t really need to come to class anymore…As a matter of fact, two of my pupils will be studying abroad (one pupil in Dublin and one in Berlin) without missing any of my course.” – Diederik Roelandts, Belgium

Matt Pitts- UK

“The modern world is fast-paced and dynamic; it can only be negotiated effectively through the use of technology. If we do not prepare students to adapt to new technology, we are simply failing them.” – Matt Pitts, UK

Jayne Charlton- UK

“Being able to communicate with children around the world via Lync has been an invaluable experience, and the prospect of this expanding even further around the globe as part of the Global Enterprise Challenge is extremely exciting.” – Jayne Charlton, UK

Marie-Hélène Fasquel- France

“Within all my projects, I use technology in order to transform my students into creators and pupils who have a say, express ideas and share them with the world.” – Marie-Hélène Fasquel, France

Keith Laban - TT

“Project-based learning places the student as the central focal point of the learning process and all aspects of the necessary 21st century skills and multi-disciplinary learning can be incorporated into projects.” – Keith Laban, Trinidad and Tobago

Bijal Damani - India

“I believe any change in the education system will not come until and unless we prepare teachers for it.” – Bijal Damani, India

High School Teachers Meet the Challenges of PBL Implementation

Teachers at one of Microsoft’s Mentor Schools, Sammamish High School in Washington, share their difficulties and triumphs as their school moves from traditional delivery of instruction to schoolwide problem-based learning.

Dalia Younis - Kuwait

“I teach because I want to make a difference. I teach because what I do every day matters for at least one person. That’s what success is all about.” – Dalia Younis, Kuwait

Mireia Gussinyé Figueres - Mexico

“For me, technology has opened the doors to my students. Speaking their language and working with the tools they know gives me credibility; I get their attention and collaboration willingly.” – Mireia Gussinyé Figueres, Mexico

Youssr Chediac - Lebanon

“Although teachers think that they are just visitors in the lives of their students, they must remember that a good teacher has the ability to shape the students’ future, touch their lives and initiate their metamorphosis into great future leaders.” – Youssr Chediac, Lebanon

Jamie Ewing - USA

“Now that I am teaching I also want to inspire other teachers to think further than just their classroom so that we are creating opportunities for our students to be their very best — to be LIFE ready.” – Jamie Ewing, USA

Jatinder Pal Singh-India

“Teachers need to take some time out from their busy schedules to learn and innovate. This way they can achieve great heights.” – Jatinder Pal Singh, India

Peter de Lisle - South Africa

“I have always embraced technology in my educational work, not for the sake of it, but because I have always seen its potential for unlocking potential and empowering individuals and groups.” – Peter de Lisle, South Africa

Sarah Collins - USA

“It is essential to reflect on how and why technology is used in the classroom. As educators we cannot throw gadgets at kids and expect grand testing results. Innovative education is purposeful, designed, and reflective.” – Sarah Collins, USA

Todd LaVogue - USA

“Make sure you want to be a learner first. Make sure you are engaging students in a way they want to be engaged.” – Todd LaVogue, USA

Alice Leung - Australia

“When teachers collaborate together, the best ideas combine together.” – Alice Leung, Australia