Driven: Irish Inventors Aim to Make the Roads Safe – James McNamara, Ireland

To celebrate five years of Daily Edventures, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts. This Daily Edventure was originally published on March 16, 2012. They call it “Project Hermes” after the Greek god who protects travelers. They believe their technology … Continue reading

“Via playful learning, children can acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes in a stimulating environment.” – Symeon Retalis, Greece

2014 Global Forum – Education Leaders Explore Holistic Transformation

Earlier this month in Barcelona at the Microsoft in Education Global Forum, an accomplished group of over 140 school and university leaders, presidential advisors, national and regional government education leaders, NGO staff, professors, researchers, vendors, and Microsoft Education Fellows from … Continue reading

Converting Education into Employment in Europe: A McKinsey Study

Employment. When it comes down to it, it’s the end goal of what we discuss here at Daily Edventures. A well-educated workforce is the best way to ensure sustained economic and social advancement.  Yet the growing disconnect between the skills … Continue reading

BETT Week: The Device Decision – Does Your School Have All the Facts?

As I meet with teachers, school leaders and policy-makers here at the BETT show 2014, I’m struck by the complexity of the decisions they’re facing. How do they know that the technology they choose for their school is right for … Continue reading

The Results are in: PISA Updates for 2012

Test scores don’t always tell the complete story, but they can be critical signposts on the long and winding road to education reform. This is especially case with the PISA assessment, which was designed to understand and improve education systems … Continue reading

“We need to empower our youth, which can only be done through quality education… Xovian plays a pivotal role in this to educate youth about every option so that they will one day become successful leaders in life.” – Sourabh Kaushal, India

“I believe that developing a better understanding of human cognition offers one of the best ways of innovating in education.” – Art Glenberg, USA

“It’s not about technology. It’s more about pedagogy and knowledge practices. We have to change our social practices and knowledge practices, and that often calls for changing and shaping our physical environment.” – Kirsti Lonka, Finland

“We hope… to provide policymakers and educational practitioners with the needed evidence, tools and vision to transform education and training for 21st century learning and teaching.” – Yves Punie, Spain

“I see a lot of disruption get stymied by ‘the system’ or process blocks. Don’t wait for permission; rather seek forgiveness with your awesome results!” – UK

“Not allowing students to use the Internet is like taking a modern soldier, taking away his gun and gear and telling him to fight.” – UK

“We’re redesigning education from the bottom up. It can truly be innovative and has the potential to attract the best leaders and entrepreneurs.” – UK

“‘Individuation’ and ‘pluralization’ will revolutionize education; no longer will we have to teach everyone the same thing in the same way.” – USA

“The world no longer cares how much you know; the world cares about what you can do with what you know.” – USA

“Make learning active and build experiences that support the intrinsic desire to ask questions and find answers” – USA

“You can’t get around the need for great teaching” – France

“Play is at the heart of learning” – USA

“Give yourselves and your students permission to play,” says Henry Jenkins.

“Just come out of your shell and communicate” – India

Tracy Fullerton: With Games, Learners Own Their Education – USA