Let’s forget about innovation; problems are delicious – Switzerland

If ideas are the currency in academia, then Pierre Dillenbourg is a rich man indeed. If you search on his name, you will find his papers have over 1000 citations. Dillenbourg is recognized as one of the founders of Computer-Supported Collaborative … Continue reading

Change mindsets, change the world: Education research through a parent’s eyes – Singapore

Dr. Chee-Kit Looi has been doing research in educational technology for more than twenty years, since before he started his own family. When his sons were in primary school, he asked himself, “Have any of my research endeavors mattered to my … Continue reading

“We put a lot of technology in schools to improve education – but is that for the entrepreneurs or students?”

When I asked Dr. Patricio Rodríguez what he thought about innovative technology in the classroom, his answer was unexpected coming from an engineer who has spent his life researching and developing educational technology.

Celebrating International Mother Language Day (February 21) – USA

International Mother Language Day was created in 1999 when the United Nations General Assembly called on members to “promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world.”  When languages fade, the UN says, “so does the … Continue reading

An Ingenious Solution to Transforming Collaboration in Classrooms – Chile

Miguel Nussbaum has been working to transform the classroom experience with the support of technology since 1995. Early on, he saw the potential for interactive gaming in the classroom, using a Nintendo Game Boy to introduce 1:1 and games in … Continue reading

One of the Greatest Things Someone can do is Provide Mentorship

Wilson To, a recent Global Imagine Cup grant winner with the LifeLens team (and a 2010 Imagine Cup US winner), is the rare scientist who can talk about his work  — developing mobile applications for diagnosing vascular disease in developing … Continue reading

Adopting Technology in a Way That is Education-Ready

As manager of the Microsoft School Technology Innovation Center (STIC), a showcase for education technology in Brussels, Jacques Denies sees the best of the best in teaching tools.

Education Systems are Ecosystems

Maria Langworthy is quick to point out that the Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL)Research she’s managing globally is still very much a work-in-progress.

The single most urgent investment we can make in education is to reduce drop-out rates

After decades in education, first as a student, then as a professor and parent of four, Bernard Hugonnier, Deputy-Director of the Directorate for Education, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), thought he knew everything there was to know about … Continue reading