Student Voice

“Education must be entertaining and dynamic.” – Julio A. Santiago Quirós

“Every student is unique in his or her strengths and challenges, and it is the job of the teacher to foster highly individualized learning in response to the student. Not the other way around.” – Ellen Brandenberger, USA

“We would like to contribute to better education. We strongly believe that how we learn is just as important as what we learn.” – Amra Buljubasic, Chemicalium

When it comes to students’ favorite subjects, Chemistry isn’t usually at the top of the list. But with the all-important focus on STEM skills, its importance is growing. So, where should we turn to make this notoriously dry subject more … Continue reading

Microsoft Imagine Cup Winner: Brainy Studio, Games Category

Last week’s Imagine Cup World Finals competition did not disappoint, with all the thrills and excitement you’d expect from a gathering of some of the world’s most inventive and talented young people. Winners of the competition stood out, not just … Continue reading

Imagine Cup Infographic: Dream It. Build It. Live It.

Microsoft Imagine Cup: Watch Satya Nadella Announce the Winners Live Tomorrow

It’s Microsoft Imagine Cup week, and this year we’re going big! The Imagine Cup World Finals have been taking place all week here in Seattle, and tomorrow, Friday, August 1st at 8:30 a.m. PT, you can join Microsoft CEO Satya … Continue reading

What if students designed their own schools…

A small town in the United States experiments with self-directed learning at its public high school. A group of students gets to create their own school-within-a-school and they learn only what they want to learn. Does it work? Let me know what … Continue reading

“One thing that students must learn is to use their resources. Many people have the mentality that they can do it on their own but it is important to have other people’s ideas to be incorporated together. The saying that two minds are better than one is very true. Everyone has different strengths.” – Victoria Parisi, USA

“I would give every child a pen, because with it they could quickly write their story and tell a better story than anyone else. Maybe this could also be a chance for them to actually write down a story that no one has ever written before.” – Zinzi Nsingwane, South Africa

“But the overall inertia and immune system of “education” is very strong, and if we were to disappear tomorrow, I’m not sure anything would be different than it would have been 100 years from now.” – Alec Resnick, USA

“It’s not about going to school to pass a bunch of tests… to me, it’s about educating each other to learn how to create a better world.” – Malcolm London, USA

“When teachers show us learning is a road that never ends, then they actually are ‘chief learners.’ That’s one of the most powerful things that they can do.” – Adora Svitak, USA

“We have this wonderful thing called the Internet, and we need to try to leverage it to ease the friction… and show people they just might have more in common than what they’re being told.” – Robin Pettyfer, Philippines

“Teach a kid to embrace and overcome failure, and they will be prepared to face the kinds of challenges kids really face in life – especially if they intend to take on the biggest issues of our time – issues they will have to take on, and will have to fail many times to get right.” – Erik N. Martin, USA

“In my honest opinion, education is not tied strongly enough to reality.” – Dani Casanova, Spain

Students Rock the 2014 Global Forum

In our coverage of the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Barcelona, we’ve talked a good bit about the students from the Community School in Cornwall, England. Four students from this Microsoft Innovative School not only attended the … Continue reading

“We need creative minds because there’s no easy or obvious way to achieve great solutions for the challenges the world faces today.” – Cristina Isern, Spain

“Being an entrepreneur can be frustrating and time-consuming, of course. Patience is key.” – Johnnie Lovett, USA

The Next Generation of Higher Education Infographic

This infographic depicts how students choose a university mainly to gain training and skills for a future job, and choose a specialization because they feel there is job market growth in that field.

“Having an uneducated mother who is supportive of me getting educated really drives me to achieve great things. She also showed me that education goes beyond school.” – Elaine Nkosi, South Africa