“We must treat every student as a person who has innate talent.” – Jacek Mielcarek, Poland

Jacek Mielcarek Computer Science, Programming and English Language Teacher Primary School of Kornel Makuszynski Radowo Małe, Poland Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (#MIEExpert) Jacek Mielcarek knows that changing long-held attitudes about teaching can be hard, but he believes treating students differently … Continue reading

“Every student can learn effectively and has the right to learn.” – Sophia Christina Andrioti, Greece

    Sophia Christina Andrioti Special Educator 130th Primary School Athens, Greece @AndriotiSophia In today’s classrooms, diversity is the norm. MIE Expert Sophia Christina Andrioti has made empowering that diverse set of students – especially those with special needs – … Continue reading

“I love exploring the exciting ways that [technology] can revitalize practice and open up a world of possibilities for students.” – Laura Bain, Australia

Laura Bain Head of Digital Learning and Innovation The Springfield Anglican College Queensland, Australia @larubain When Laura Bain was teaching in the United Kingdom, she had her first taste of classroom technology. This set her on a course of discovery … Continue reading

“My work really began to flourish once I had access to the internet and realized that my students could collaborate with the world.” – Margaret Simkin, Australia

Margaret Simkin Head of Library The Hamilton and Alexandra College Victoria, Australia @margaretsimkin  An education veteran, Margaret Simkin has experienced many changes in her teaching career. She began as a Geography and History teacher many years ago, and her current … Continue reading

“I use education technology to target the same skills in a variety of ways.” – Nathalie Mathieu, France

Nathalie Mathieu English Teacher Lycée Saint Bénigne Dijon, France @MathieuNathali5 Like most educators today, Nathalie Mathieu sees a big challenge in the gap between the diverse groups of students in her classes and an education system that tends to favor … Continue reading

“As educators, it’s our job to make sure that we make ALL of [our students] feel loved, valued and appreciated.” – Natasha Rachell, USA

Natasha Rachell Digital Learning Specialist Atlanta Public Schools Atlanta, Georgia, USA @apsitnatasha  When you ask Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Natasha Rachell what she believes is the biggest challenge facing educators today, she gets straight to the point. “Teacher burnout leading … Continue reading

“Teaching happiness is what I do.” – Ranjitsinh Disale, India

Ranjitsinh Disale Teacher ZP School India @Ranjitdisale  In 2009, Ranjitsinh Disale began teaching at a government school in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Like many schools in remote Indian villages, attendance was low as students were needed at home … Continue reading

“You can’t push people, but you can walk with them on the journey.” – Lynn Thomas, Canada

Lynn Thomas Secondary English Teacher, Digital Lead Learner Dunnville Secondary School, Granderie District School Board Ontario, Canada @THOMLYNN101 MIE Expert Lynn Thomas, who will be attending E2 in Paris next month, recalls a tweet with an intriguing picture. “It had … Continue reading

“A small didactic surprise, a simple learning scenario, good mood, and imagination: these are the ingredients of a good lesson.” – Vassilis Economou, Greece

Vassilis Economou Head of the Department of Informatics and Digital Education Doukas School Athens, Greece @VassilisEconomu For 27 years, Vassilis Economou, a Daily Edventures alum and MIE Expert, has had many moments that helped define his career. One of the … Continue reading

“I knew that I wanted to help others to learn English so that they wouldn’t feel like outsiders.” – Luis Oliveira, USA

    Luis M. Oliveira Director of Unified Arts/ELL Teacher Middletown High School Rhode Island, USA @loliveira55 When Luis Oliveira moved to the US as a nine-year-old child, he didn’t know any English. But two English as a Second Language … Continue reading

“The thrill of waiting for the next Mystery Skype has become our daily routine.” – Ana Stojkovic, Serbia

Ana Stojkovic Teacher of English as a Foreign Language Primary School Stanimir Veljkovic Zele Bojnik, Serbia @stojkovic_ana Ana Stojkovic has always believed that, with the right help from an enthusiastic and a determined teacher, every child can excel in any … Continue reading

“On one hand, all the world and knowledge are at our fingertips. On the other hand, everything is changing so quickly that it is hard to say what the world will be in 20 years.” – Anna Leszczyńska, Poland

Anna Leszczyńska English and Ethics teacher Secondary School number 17 (XVII LO) Gdynia, Poland @ania7roz Anna Leszczyńska, an English and Ethics teacher in her second year as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIE Expert), believes her job is a broad … Continue reading

“The only thing you need is what I call the 3D Model — you need Drive, you need Direction, and you need Discipline to create impact and see the results.” – Waqas Shafique, Pakistan

Waqas Shafique Master Trainer & Coordinator (ICT Initiatives & Digital Literacy) Millennium Education/Future World School Pakistan @shafiquewaqas As a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Master Trainer, Waqas Shafique has helped thousands of Pakistan’s educators transform their classrooms with technology. Through his … Continue reading

“Believing in people can be a catalyst for positive change.” – Kimberly Mecham, USA

Kimberly Mecham Director of the Center for Leadership & Innovation St. Thomas School Medina, Washington, USA  @kimberlymecham  When MIE Expert Kimberly Mecham was in college, she taught a math class to young male felons at the California Youth Authority. At the … Continue reading

“What once was an ‘imagine if we could’ idea became a reality. It is truly inspiring.” — Nicole Adams, Australia

Nicole Adams School Program Manager – Digital Transformation Team Catholic Education Western Australia Perth, Australia  @T_I_Learning   When you live in a country as geographically dispersed as Australia, engaging with other classrooms in remote areas can be challenging, to say the … Continue reading

“Learning how to use tools is not an age barrier between digital natives and digital immigrants, but a mindset barrier between fixed and growth mindsets.” – James Yanuzzelli, USA

    James Yanuzzelli Technology Integration Specialist Old Bridge Township Public Schools New Jersey, USA @MrYanuzzelli For MIE Expert Jim Yanuzzelli, the “why” of learning is every bit as important as the “what.” That’s why he incorporates at least one … Continue reading

“Technology breaks down the language barriers…and enables [students] to show their full potential.” – Hannah Mathias, UK

Hannah Mathias E-learning Manager Cardiff and Vale College Wales, UK @hmathiasedtech  MIE Expert Hannah Mathias’ favorite quote is, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” For Mathias and her students at Cardiff and Vale College, that door comes in the … Continue reading

“Growing my professional learning network…literally changed my life!” – Scott Titmas, USA

Scott Titmas Technology Integration Specialist Old Bridge Township Public Schools New Jersey, USA @sdtitmas  For many of the educators we speak with here at Daily Edventures, teaching can sometimes feel very isolating. MIE Expert Scott Titmas was one of those … Continue reading

“It is this determination I pass on to all I teach: Failure doesn’t always signify the end – it can be the beginning.” – Elaine Topham, UK

Elaine Topham Senior Learning Technologist The Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education Grimsby, UK @ElaineTopham The path to becoming a technology educator wasn’t a straight one for Elaine Topham. “I wasn’t a particularly focused student at school – in … Continue reading

“As we don’t have a crystal ball to look in to the future, we must support children in becoming self-confident lifelong learners who have a positive outlook on that future they will help shape.” – Kris Vande Moortel, Belgium

Kris Vande Moortel Pedagogical ICT coordinator / STEM teacher ‘t Saam Diksmuide, Belgium  @K_VandeM   For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and science teacher Kris Vande Moortel, one of the best parts of his job is standing back and letting his students … Continue reading