Art combined with digital tools create masterpieces in Spain – Irene Moreno, Spain

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math – STEAM – is at its very core about creativity and innovation working in concert. Creativity is, of course, one of the “Cs” in 21st century skills. For art teacher Irene Moreno, combining art … Continue reading


Computational thinking takes hold – even in the youngest of students – Henry Penfold, UK

Kodu, Minecraft and Skype-a-thons: just three of the many ways that Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Henry Penfold uses technology with his primary school students. Penfold is an enthusiastic proponent of these technologies in his classroom, and he’s not shy about


Pakistan’s first Innovative Master Trainer shares his insights – Waqas Shafique, Pakistan

Training the next generation of innovative educators is something Waqas Shafique takes great pride in. “Transforming teaching and learning from the traditional methods to being technology-


Problem-based learning reinvents a high school – Tom Duenwald, USA

“We believe in all our students,” says Tom Duenwald, principal at Sammamish High School. “We want to be at the heart of what public education ought to be about. That doesn’t always show up on a data set or state … Continue reading


Collaborative learning in a country without borders – Josane Batalha Sobreira da Silva, Brazil

Josane Batalha Sobreira da Silva is passionate about the benefits of collaborative learning. And this Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert knows that she’s fortunate to work in a school where technology, and a commitment to innovation, make that possible.


A student’s concussion leads to cutting-edge diagnostic technology – Eric Solender, USA

Three years ago, when high school student Eric Solender was 14, he suffered a concussion playing basketball. “I was coming down for a rebound,” Eric says, “and another kid was jumping up, and his nose slammed me in the back … Continue reading


Skype-a-thon brings the world to students in rural India – Arokia Seeli Priya, India

Every educator has moments that define and shape their teaching. For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Arokia Seeli Priya, that moment took place just weeks ago, when The Titan School – a Microsoft Showcase School where Priya teaches – announced


Bringing technology – and a future – to rural India – Jyoti Chaba, India

Most teachers have at least a few stories about students they’ve influenced, those whose lives they’ve changed for the better. For Jyoti Chaba, the ability to impact young peoples’ future is not only a primary motivation, it’s her calling.


“Every student has different needs, different interests, different learning paths and different types of intelligence. So, why to teach them all the same?” – Pablo García-Brull, Spain

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all teaching for Pablo García-Brull. And as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert since 2011, and a Teacher Ambassador since 2015, he’s not shy about sharing that insight with other educators.


All children are born creative, imaginative geniuses – Barbara Beaufait, Singapore

One of the best parts of attending gatherings like the recent BETT Conference in Singapore is meeting people who are not only incredibly talented, dedicated and smart – but who are remarkably interesting as well.


“Today’s child needs more than just a classroom filled with words, textbooks or school politics — they need a classroom that allows their style of learning to develop their understanding of what is around them.” – Jillian Mary Sigamoney, South Africa

When children have learning difficulties that aren’t being addressed in the classroom or at home, they often have nowhere to turn. That’s especially true in the remote South African villages where Jillian Sigamoney got her start as an educator. A … Continue reading


“Technology in the classroom is not the magic. The magic is when the technology gets in the hands of the right teacher, and they know what to do with it.” – Sam Al-Schamma, Singapore

As a long-time sales leader at Intel, Sam Al-Schamma has traveled the world, observing how people use technology to solve problems. Now covering the company’s education sector in Asia Pacific and Japan, Al-Schamma is getting first-hand look at how that


“Failing forward is a culture shift that we need in this world.” – Adam Bellow, USA

When Adam Bellow was growing up, he wanted to be Superman. When he grew older (and more realistic), he decided to find another way to change the world. So he became a teacher.


Redefining innovation in small-town Texas – Rafranz Davis, USA

We often think that technology and innovation are one and the same. But for newly named Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Rafranz Davis, there’s an important distinction. When we chatted with Davis, who was in Redmond for a meeting with education … Continue reading


Using PBL to transform learning and teaching – Erliza Matacot, the Philippines

Sometimes, one little change can set the stage for big transformation. This was the case for Erliza Matacot, an English teacher in the Philippines. For Matacot, that little change was project-based learning.


“When teachers actually see a benefit in a particular [technology] and how it’s going to improve student outcomes, they’ll invest their time in being able to use that [technology] efficiently in the classroom.”– Tamara Sullivan, Australia

In a career spanning 15 years, Tamara Sullivan has been a teacher, a digital pedagogy coordinator and a dean. And having witnessed the transformation taking place in education from multiple angles, she has a good sense for how to translate … Continue reading


“Why would you want to learn computer science? It’s so you can solve problems in other domains.” – Mark DeLoura, USA

Here at Daily Edventures, we’ve talked for years about the vast potential for gaming in the classroom. Games engage kids with activities they already love, and when used properly, have the ability to teach critical skills like computer science, skills … Continue reading


Education and Industry work together to build a foundation for innovation – Teresita (Tata) Medado, Philippines

Microsoft was founded on the principle that people can do remarkable things when technology is within reach, and core to our mission is creating immersive and inclusive learning experiences that inspire lifelong learning. To that end, we are


From music to technology, fun and creativity are the keys to learning – Mark Savery, Australia

Wearing many hats has suited Mark Savery well. In over a decade of teaching at Emmanuel College, he has been a music specialist teacher, a primary-level classroom teacher, the director of teaching and learning, dean of year six and eLearning … Continue reading


Florida teacher reaches for the stars – Jason Mocherman, USA

The latest global economic downturn hit school budgets particularly hard: purchases were deferred, technology was delayed, and unfortunately, students often bore the brunt of it. At Sarasota, Florida’s Riverview High School, the recession seemed to be the end of the