Fostering Change in Indian Classrooms – Meenakshi Uberoi, India


A Case for Change: Reflections of a Seasoned School Leader – Tony Bryant, Australia


Building a Professional Learning Community Pays Dividends – Wendell Sumter


Rethinking the Very Nature of What It Means to be an Educator – George Saltsman, USA


“As a teacher, I believe that education is like a wheel that never can be stopped.” – José Luís Terol Esteve, Spain


Preparing Singapore’s Youth for a Global Future- Kew Mee Ying, Singapore


Learning with Technology Changes Lives in Rural Vietnam – Nam Ngo Thanh, Vietnam


“Infusing technology into teaching isn’t taught in a half-day PD session, dipping a toe into the water…Teachers need to be willing to immerse themselves and jump right in.” – Kemi Olurinola, Nigeria


“Students need to know that as technology continues to change, they will need to continue to learn how to use it — just as their teachers have.” – Tammy Brecht Dunbar, USA


“Unless you are constantly challenging your students and bringing in real-life cases and applications and merging that with technology, it is difficult to capture their attention and create that urge to learn.” – Lana Shennak, Jordan


Anthony Salcito: Welcome to a Redesigned Daily Edventures!

darren rackemann

“I believe that our schools should be driving the spirit of the local community and should support the education of all community members — not just the students.” – Darren Rackemann, Australia

bozena kraj- poland-minniasurface

“Project-based learning appears as a complex process, demanding a lot of didactic, pedagogical and technological contribution to improve the quality of education, but it is what I love, in practice and theory.” – Bozena Kraj, Poland

Jakkrapong Juntawong- thailand-minniasurface

“Students in this global world are not the same as students in the past, especially in the characteristics of intention and concentration.” – Jakkrapong Juntawong, Thailand

kandi-lee crooks-smith

“As the face and demands of the classroom change, sadly the mentality of many persons involved in the education sector remains the same…blackboards are converted to whiteboards, but not necessarily smartboards!” – Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith, Jamaica

ibolya straussova- slovakia

Guest Blog: Ibolya Straussova, Slovakia

Ruby Huang- NZ-minniasurface

“At this moment, I felt that the students began to integrate and relate their learning experience in the classroom to real life; to acknowledge that there is a purpose to science and they aren’t restricted to memorizing facts and calculating pointless numbers.” – Ruby Huang, New Zealand

corey johnson- south africa

“One of our great successes is that we’ve created a format where [students] can fail.” – Corey Johnson, South Africa

abderrahmen haddad- tunisia

“In my opinion, innovation should not be limited to the use of new technologies in education but rather, it is a state of mind.” – Abderrahmen Haddad, Tunisia

Andrew Howard- UK

“…Educators today have the virtually impossible task of preparing our young people for a world that more than ever before is completely unpredictable.” – Andrew Howard, UK