“What once was an ‘imagine if we could’ idea became a reality. It is truly inspiring.” — Nicole Adams, Australia

Nicole Adams School Program Manager – Digital Transformation Team Catholic Education Western Australia Perth, Australia  @T_I_Learning   When you live in a country as geographically dispersed as Australia, engaging with other classrooms in remote areas can be challenging, to say the … Continue reading

“Learning how to use tools is not an age barrier between digital natives and digital immigrants, but a mindset barrier between fixed and growth mindsets.” – James Yanuzzelli, USA

    James Yanuzzelli Technology Integration Specialist Old Bridge Township Public Schools New Jersey, USA @MrYanuzzelli For MIE Expert Jim Yanuzzelli, the “why” of learning is every bit as important as the “what.” That’s why he incorporates at least one … Continue reading

“Technology breaks down the language barriers…and enables [students] to show their full potential.” – Hannah Mathias, UK

Hannah Mathias E-learning Manager Cardiff and Vale College Wales, UK @hmathiasedtech  MIE Expert Hannah Mathias’ favorite quote is, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” For Mathias and her students at Cardiff and Vale College, that door comes in the … Continue reading

“Growing my professional learning network…literally changed my life!” – Scott Titmas, USA

Scott Titmas Technology Integration Specialist Old Bridge Township Public Schools New Jersey, USA @sdtitmas  For many of the educators we speak with here at Daily Edventures, teaching can sometimes feel very isolating. MIE Expert Scott Titmas was one of those … Continue reading

“It is this determination I pass on to all I teach: Failure doesn’t always signify the end – it can be the beginning.” – Elaine Topham, UK

Elaine Topham Senior Learning Technologist The Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education Grimsby, UK @ElaineTopham The path to becoming a technology educator wasn’t a straight one for Elaine Topham. “I wasn’t a particularly focused student at school – in … Continue reading

“As we don’t have a crystal ball to look in to the future, we must support children in becoming self-confident lifelong learners who have a positive outlook on that future they will help shape.” – Kris Vande Moortel, Belgium

Kris Vande Moortel Pedagogical ICT coordinator / STEM teacher ‘t Saam Diksmuide, Belgium  @K_VandeM   For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and science teacher Kris Vande Moortel, one of the best parts of his job is standing back and letting his students … Continue reading

“I don’t like to say no to what students want to do — often those crazy ideas can be the start of something that inspires us and actually works.” – Melissa Wrenchey, USA

Melissa Wrenchey Educator Nikola Tesla STEM High School Redmond, Washington, USA @wrenchey #engipreneurism Melissa Wrenchey is on a mission to get students excited about STEM learning – both in her classroom and in her community. In 2014, Wrenchey collaborated with … Continue reading

“When master teachers learn how to use technology as a tool to enhance and extend their craft, student growth and achievement accelerates beyond all expectations.” – Geri Gillespy, USA

Geri Gillespy Administrator of Digital Integration West Ada School District Meridian, Idaho, United States @GeriGillespy  Growing up in California’s Silicon Valley, Geri Gillespy was captivated by the power of technology to do more for students. Now, as her school district’s Administrator … Continue reading

“Every day is a new lesson and I am inspired by the amazing teaching and learning that is happening all around me.” – Jennifer Morgan, USA

Jennifer Morgan School Technology Specialist & Sr. Manager of Professional Learning Davis School District & Insight 2 Execution (i2e) Utah, USA @JennMorgan4Edu Jennifer Morgan helps other teachers learn about technology, and one of her favorite ways to do that is … Continue reading

“This way of working has changed my way of understanding education.” – Oscar Herrero, Spain

Oscar Herrero ICT and PE Teacher Junta de Castilla y León Segovia, Spain @OscarHerreroEDU Microsoft Innovative Educator Oscar Herrero says his favorite classroom activities involve gamification, using virtual reality, and collaborative questionnaires to inspire his students. “Both of these activities … Continue reading

“The classroom really must be a part of our global community, so it is so important to bring the world into the class!” – Olivier Dijkmans, Belgium

Olivier Dijkmans Fifth Grade Teacher Stedelijke Basisschool Omnimundo Antwerp, Belgium @olivierdijkmans A few years ago, Olivier Dijkmans and his school found themselves welcoming an entirely new group of children and parents: refugees arriving in Belgium.  Like other parts of Europe, … Continue reading

“When students are given responsibility for their own learning, the results can be truly transformational.” – Gloria Enrique, Ireland

Gloria Enrique Post-Primary Teacher Sacred Heart School Tullamore Tullamore, Republic of Ireland @MissGEnrique As an educator in Ireland who originally hails from Spain, Gloria Enrique can speak first-hand about the importance of making learning relevant. “Students are living in a … Continue reading

“When you see students lighting up, being creative, and doing well academically — as well as having fun – that is rewarding.” – Stine Brynildsen, Norway

Stine Brynildsen Assistant Professor Østfold University College, Faculty of Education (Department of ICT and Learning) Fredrikstad, Norway @stinemalin In her 12 years of teaching, Stine Brynildsen has followed one mantra: Teachers are learners, too. This open-minded approach has served Brynildsen, … Continue reading

“Our world is more connected than ever and can present amazing opportunities for education.” – Barbara Zielonka, Norway

Barbara Anna Zielonka Learning Designer/Project Coordinator/EdTech Specialist/Teacher Trainer Nannestad High School Nannestad, Norway @bar_zie ‏ Personalizing learning to help students succeed takes energy, time, patience, and passion. For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Barbara Zielonka, that means pushing the boundaries of … Continue reading

“The world has become my classroom! Skype has become my window to the world!” – Kristine Holloway, Canada

Kristine Holloway Middle School Teacher Peel District School Board Mississauga, Ontario, Canada @mspaperless   For MIE Expert Kristine Holloway, some of the most fun and exciting days in her classroom involve problems. Namely, solving them. This year, her classroom has … Continue reading

“Educators need to be encouraged to experiment with new ways of teaching without fear of making mistakes. Innovation requires mistakes, sometimes.” – Julci Rocha, Brazil

Julci Rocha Director Redesenho Educacional Brazil @julcirocha As a Microsoft Ambassador in Brazil for two years and a teacher-training for more than a decade, MIE Expert Julci Rocha met and trained over 3700 teachers, helping them to innovate with technology … Continue reading

“I want to focus more on the student and where their passion to learn comes from.” – Pauline Maas, The Netherlands

Pauline Maas ICT teacher and author of children’s coding books VSO Mariendael and CodeKlas (NGO) Arnhem, Netherlands @4pip   When Pauline Maas left her career in technology to become a teacher, she was seeking a completely new work environment and … Continue reading

“The biggest challenge facing education today is how to teach everyday communication between people and computers.” – Monika Szalek, Poland

Monika Szalek Computer Science Teacher Strumienie Schools of The Sternik Association Warsaw, Poland For MIE Expert Monika Szalek, the right tools can make a world of difference – especially when teaching students basic computer skills. “I think that the biggest … Continue reading

“We are becoming the world’s citizens!” – Johnson Monari, Kenya

Johnson Monari Teacher of English Language & Literature and Theory of Knowledge Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Kenya @JohnsonMonari Just a year into his teaching profession, MIE Expert Johnson Monari was feeling bored. He had heard about the Microsoft Educator Community … Continue reading

“The biggest challenge for teachers is to make it clear that other competencies – aside from just knowing facts – will be needed in the future.” – Mone Denninger, Austria

Mone Denninger Teacher GXG XII Erlgasse Vienna, Austria @MoneDenninger   Making changes to the way you teach is never an easy thing, especially when you first start out. For #MIE Expert Mone Denninger, flipping her classroom was the goal, but … Continue reading