Virtual Learning Environments

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2014 Global Forum – Educator Spotlight – Venezuela

Alberto Castellano’s incredible project focuses on helping hearing-impaired students in the classroom.


Microsoft World Tour School – Hellerup School, Denmark

Hellerup School is one of the Microsoft World Tour Schools in the Innovative Schools Program. The school is operating in one big open classroom environment without walls. Students are encouraged to work according to their individual learning styles in a synergy … Continue reading


From Teachers, for Teachers: The Innteach Blog Celebrates an Anniversary

One year ago – April 3rd, 2013 – the Innteach (originally titled “Teachnology”) blog was born from the shared vision of three educators who met at the 2013 Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Prague. The vision was to help other … Continue reading


Inviting Girls to Dream Big

On Friday, March 14th, Microsoft announced an exciting new effort to involve more girls in science and technology called The Big Dream Movement. The Big Dream Movement connects organizations, academia, and resources to girls around the world to help them … Continue reading


2014 Microsoft In Education Tech Showcase

One of the many highlights of the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum was the Technology Showcase, where partners demoed many apps, programs, products, and services in education. The Tech Showcase offers holistic education solutions and give our partners a … Continue reading


“We believe that educational institutions are seriously struggling today to cope with the mass introduction of technology in the education process.” – Nikolaos Nikou, Greece


“Right now I think that we are ‘app driven’ — the apps decide which learning goals we should have. I hope we will get to the point where the teachers set the learning goals and use apps to support reaching those goals.” – Mattias Boström, Sweden


“MOOCs, flipped classrooms, distance learning and technology-enhanced learning environments have severely changed the landscape of education. I think we have to focus on learning instead of focusing on the process of teaching.” – Koen Timmers, Belgium


“The enthusiasm of the teacher regarding the course content can be powerful and contagious. … This can lead [students] to engage more deeply than they had initially planned and to discover value they had previously overlooked.” – Aisling Crowley, Ireland


Is Bigger Better? A Look at MOOCs

The MOOC, or massive open online course, has taken the spotlight in recent educational debate. Growing popularity and high enrollment rates are forcing many universities to take a second look at their involvement. Source:


Promoting 21st Century Skills Webinar

Technology — and the skills needed to survive and succeed in the workforce — continue to evolve at an ever-increasing pace. Students today require skillsets that are dramatically different from what was needed to secure jobs 10 or 20 years … Continue reading


“The use of modern information technology in education helps students to form a creative and productive approach, which is sure to come in handy in their future profession or a process of self-education.” – Oleksii and Oleksandr Tebenko, Ukraine


“I just see two spaces: physical and virtual. The best solution would be to connect these two naturally and find the fitting content from both spaces.” – Santeri Koivisto, Finland

Windows 8 Wednesday

The emergence of e-Learning has added a new meaning to education and potentiated the possibilities for the spreading and sharing of knowledge and information to students.

The emergence of e-Learning has added a new meaning to education and potentiated the possibilities for the spreading and sharing of knowledge and information to students. It is now an essential tool, providing continuous feedback and communication throughout their careers, anytime and anywhere. 9SLIDES … Continue reading

Windows 8 Wednesday

“It became clear to us a few years ago that the common core state standards, testing requirements, low cost tablets with long battery life and digital content were all converging to create massive change in the education industry.” – Bob Chung, USA

“It is not just that technologies are becoming more accessible; it is more that global collaborative projects provide a vehicle for intercultural awareness and global understanding.” – Julie Lindsay, Australia


“We need to look at learning as the product of educational self-organization. It’s not about making learning happen; it’s about letting it happen.” – Sugata Mitra, UK

We were thrilled to interview Sugata Mitra here at Daily Edventures last year. After all, he’s not only a leading thinker in education, he’s also one of the elite few mentioned by our interviewees as one of their major influences. … Continue reading

Ondrej Homola

“Today, young people are much more exposed to enormous amounts of information. Critical thinking is the skill that will help them comprehend information properly in mutual references and use it an innovative, creative way.” – Ondrej Homola, Czech Republic

Marci Powell

“Teachers are seeing more student engagement, which is increasing student performance. They’re also equipping students better for the workplace environment, because they’re learning applied skills for a knowledge economy.” – Marci Powell, USA

Ray Ravaglia

“These days it is easy to be published, and most things published don’t seem to have ever been edited or reviewed by anybody with an eye towards ‘what is this actually doing?’” – Raymond Ravaglia, USA