Virtual Learning Environments

“We want to shape young minds to learn computer science – now when they are at their most creative point in their life. We want students to fuel their curiosity and creativity by developing apps and games relevant to their lives.” – Michael Braun, USA

Text2teach Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Mainstream Implementation in the Philippines

It is hard to overstate the power of mobile devices when it comes to global education. On World Book Day this year, we shared a UNESCO report that showed that mobile technology may be turning the tide on illiteracy. In … Continue reading

International Day of the African Child 2014

On June 16th every year, the African Union and its Partners celebrate the Day of the African Child (DAC), in commemoration of the 1976 protests by school children in Soweto, South Africa. In 1991, the African Union Assembly passed a resolution … Continue reading

21st Century Classroom: YouTube at Kent-Meridian High School

Learn about how one teacher, Mike Christiansen, a 9th grade social studies teacher at Kent-Meridian High School in Kent, WA, uses YouTube in his classroom to transform it into a 21st century learning environment.

“Our work does not change, our work is change. We’re constantly adapting and using new tools to better help students.” – Kader Adjout, USA

“Testing your apps during development with kids in your target audience is essential. It’s often full of surprises. Something you felt sure would work suddenly doesn’t. When the testing session is over, the real work begins, which is trying to solve the problems that you uncovered.” – Caroline Fraser, USA

“Work on an app that you feel passionate about…You’ll be challenged every day, so you must be clear of your ultimate vision for the app and who will benefit from it.” – Marc Zimmerman, USA

“We have this wonderful thing called the Internet, and we need to try to leverage it to ease the friction… and show people they just might have more in common than what they’re being told.” – Robin Pettyfer, Philippines

Tree Key Brings Students and Nature Together

It’s always rewarding when, in the weeks and months following the Microsoft in Education Global Forum, we begin to see the fruits of the connections made there. In the case of one project – those fruits are actually entire trees.   … Continue reading

2014 Global Forum – Educator Spotlight – Venezuela

Alberto Castellano’s incredible project focuses on helping hearing-impaired students in the classroom.

Microsoft World Tour School – Hellerup School, Denmark

Hellerup School is one of the Microsoft World Tour Schools in the Innovative Schools Program. The school is operating in one big open classroom environment without walls. Students are encouraged to work according to their individual learning styles in a synergy … Continue reading

From Teachers, for Teachers: The Innteach Blog Celebrates an Anniversary

One year ago – April 3rd, 2013 – the Innteach (originally titled “Teachnology”) blog was born from the shared vision of three educators who met at the 2013 Microsoft in Education Global Forum in Prague. The vision was to help other … Continue reading

Inviting Girls to Dream Big

On Friday, March 14th, Microsoft announced an exciting new effort to involve more girls in science and technology called The Big Dream Movement. The Big Dream Movement connects organizations, academia, and resources to girls around the world to help them … Continue reading

2014 Microsoft In Education Tech Showcase

One of the many highlights of the 2014 Microsoft in Education Global Forum was the Technology Showcase, where partners demoed many apps, programs, products, and services in education. The Tech Showcase offers holistic education solutions and give our partners a … Continue reading

“We believe that educational institutions are seriously struggling today to cope with the mass introduction of technology in the education process.” – Nikolaos Nikou, Greece

“Right now I think that we are ‘app driven’ — the apps decide which learning goals we should have. I hope we will get to the point where the teachers set the learning goals and use apps to support reaching those goals.” – Mattias Boström, Sweden

“MOOCs, flipped classrooms, distance learning and technology-enhanced learning environments have severely changed the landscape of education. I think we have to focus on learning instead of focusing on the process of teaching.” – Koen Timmers, Belgium

“The enthusiasm of the teacher regarding the course content can be powerful and contagious. … This can lead [students] to engage more deeply than they had initially planned and to discover value they had previously overlooked.” – Aisling Crowley, Ireland

Is Bigger Better? A Look at MOOCs

The MOOC, or massive open online course, has taken the spotlight in recent educational debate. Growing popularity and high enrollment rates are forcing many universities to take a second look at their involvement. Source:

Promoting 21st Century Skills Webinar

Technology — and the skills needed to survive and succeed in the workforce — continue to evolve at an ever-increasing pace. Students today require skillsets that are dramatically different from what was needed to secure jobs 10 or 20 years … Continue reading