Classrooms of the World

Gain exclusive access into classrooms from every corner of the globe.


ICT Studio – Canada





Special Needs Classroom – Brazil








Computer Science Classroom – Serbia






Secondary Science Classroom – USA







ICT Classroom Scotland






ICT Classroom – Greece








Primary Classroom – Sydney, Australia


IT classroom -Primary School – USA

Library – Primary School – USA








Classroom – Primary School – Cyprus
The Liceo San José is located in a small village called Requinoa 99 kilometers from Santiago. It belongs to the religious congregation “Family of Murialdo”. They serve children with limited resources from pre-school to secondary education. This school is part of the network of 450 high schools of Chile that are beneficiaries of the IT Academy program by the Ministry of education. The room: pre-school students have classes on a daily basis in this room, they are 40 children who make up the course and in this classroom learn with games about the first school contents that sustain their cognitive and academic development.




Classroom, High School in Lisbon – Portugal









Classroom, High School in York – USA









Classroom – Nigeria










Physics Lab, Austin College – USA






Science classroom, High School, Vail – USA









Curatr Virtual Classroom







Primary School – Hong Kong







Discovery High School – USA









Freixo School Cluster – Portugal




Computer Lab, Cashmere School – USA








Puni Primary School – Brunei







English Classroom – Mexico





Physics Classroom, Stratford – USA







Biology/Zoology Classroom, Chicago – USA






Elementary School, Palatine – USA






Fourth Grade Classroom, Loundoun County – USA





Classroom MIT Lab, Cambridge – USA









Classroom in Oakland – USA








All4myChild classroom – USA








Classroom in Craig – USA








Classroom in Hiroshima – Japan






Classroom in Odda – Norway






Classroom in Bangkok – Thailand







Classroom in New York, USA










Classroom in Mauritius


9 Responses to Classrooms of the World

  1. It’s amazing how similar classrooms look around the world.It’s also amazing how little classrooms have changed over time. With education itself evolving so rapidly I hope that classroom spaces will also begin to evolve into more creative, innovative learning environments.

  2. I am startled by the empty feeling I have looking at these rooms in comparison to the satisfaction found looking in Montessori Classrooms around the world. I think it is the difference between the opportunity for active collaborative learning to take place amongst the students obvious in the design of the classroom in contrast to these pictures of classrooms where the teacher stands at the front and what is to be learned. As technology broadens and makes so much available to us it seems to make more sense for the student to lead their own way, and for us to get out of the way and become an aid to them, lighting fires of curiosity and helping them find the material or technology, that will help them answer their own questions. What will flipped traditional classrooms look like I wonder.

  3. Wiguna says:

    Wish I have one of those, love to teach and learn with students… for foreign teachers, I’m very pleased to know you all, Please send me e-mail. Thanks

  4. ZEN says:

    Japanese schools are the best

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  8. These classrooms are just the epitome of a 21st century classroom. They are not just overwhelmingly beautiful, but their ambience, no doubt will make learning fun and exciting to the students.

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