Florida teacher reaches for the stars – Jason Mocherman, USA

The latest global economic downturn hit school budgets particularly hard: purchases were deferred, technology was delayed, and unfortunately, students often bore the brunt of it. At Sarasota, Florida’s Riverview High School, the recession seemed to be the end of the


A proud teacher, a proud MIEE – Jen Padernal, Philippines

Earning a teaching degree is a feat anyone should be proud of. For Jen Padernal, it was not only a hard-won goal, it was a calling. In fact, becoming a teacher was so important to Padernal, she gave up all … Continue reading


“Why cry when you can try?” – Nathan Lee, USA

Internships are meant to prepare students for the demands and challenges of the workforce. After talking to high school senior (and Microsoft intern) Nathan Lee, we’re learning that today’s interns not only bring a wealth of expertise to their jobs, … Continue reading


“Not only should our students share, but [so should] our teachers.” – Vicent Gadea Mira, Valencia

Vicent Gadea Mira takes his role of preparing students for the workforce very seriously. By ensuring that his diverse student group embraces technology and stays motivated to learn, he’s helping to ensure a brighter future for them all.


Computer science and middle schoolers: a perfect combination – Greg Mittleider, USA

When the Great Recession hit in 2008, Greg Mittleider – like so many Americans – had to take stock. Mittleider was working in the financial industry and after years of prosperity, his current position was looking bleak. There were job … Continue reading


A student’s story: How OneNote changed a life – Kyle Madinger, Canada

This is a story of struggle, perseverance, and ultimately, triumph. Our story starts with a young Kyle Madinger, born on Christmas. “Kyle was a Christmas baby, and was always the youngest in the class,” his father Brent tells us. “So … Continue reading


From corporation to classroom, a thoughtful leap – Eli Sheldon, USA

Here at Daily Edventures, we love telling stories of teachers who have taken a less-than-direct route to the classroom. Eli Sheldon is one of those educators. As a member of the Microsoft project team, Sheldon worked to keep development efforts


Rethinking education and assessment for truly personalized learning – Brian Aspinall, Canada

When you talk with Brian Aspinall, the self-described “dork, teacher, coach, blogger and speaker,” it’s impossible to not get excited about the future of education. That’s likely because Aspinall is so passionate about it himself. But it’s also because he … Continue reading


Flexible tools key to teaching success – Jonathan Wylie, USA

After incorporating technology in his own classrooms for the better part of a decade, Scotland native Jonathan Wylie was looking for an opportunity to broaden his horizons. So when the chance to help other educators discover the benefits of teaching … Continue reading


The rewards of professional development – Linda Foulkes, South Africa

Linda Foulkes has always loved teaching young students, but she’s found even higher rewards in helping her fellow educators master new technology. This Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert is passionate about the value of learning new


Starting a revolution with a single computer – Milton Chebet, Uganda

Getting students engaged in learning is a challenge all teachers share, but Milton Chebet sees an even bigger challenge: getting all teachers in Africa to embrace technology.


Born to Explore: From Wall Street to Innovative Educator Expert – Tracey Wong, USA

We always ask our educator heroes who inspired them to become an educator. For most, former teachers or parents top the list. For Tracey Wong, inspiration came from a different place: Her daughter Jaslee.


Skyping the way to a new language — Ana Živković, Serbia

What’s the best way to teach your students a second language? For Serbian ESL teacher Ana Živković, nothing compares to Skype. Whether it’s talking with Fabien Cousteau (grandson of Jacques Cousteau) in his underwater laboratory during his Mission 31


After School Innovation in New Zealand – Matt Richards, New Zealand

Innovative education doesn’t just happen during the traditional school day. Thanks to Matt Richards curious students in New Zealand and around the world are able to explore, create and learn in a unique after-school program.


Collaborative learning for even the youngest students – Kaylyn Dorland, Canada

Most every teacher had an inspiring teacher of their own who steered them toward education. To find her own career inspiration, Kaylyn Dorland needed to look no further than her own family.


Stopping at nothing to ensure students learn with technology – Mokhudu Machaba, South Africa

For Mokhudu Machaba and her colleagues at Ngwananmago Primary School, there was trouble each year, all due to one inhabitant of the school play yard: a Marula tree.  “[When it was in season], the fruit fell down and the students … Continue reading


Drama and Technology Combine to Create Magical and Powerful Learning – Erin O’Rourke, Canada

For the lucky students in Erin O’Rourke’s classes, learning about technology is a little dramatic. That’s because O’Rourke – who once worked in an award-winning children’s theatre – is charged with teaching drama and embedding technology into all subjects at


“Agency is incredibly important to my pedagogy; I want my writers to know that they have choices.” – Jane Wong, USA

Jane Wong has reached countless readers through her poetry, and has received many accolades – Fulbright and Kundiman Fellowships and inclusion in anthologies like Best American Poetry 2015 (Scribner) – to name just a few. But for this accomplished Asian-


Twitter, an Author, a Teacher and her Students: A Story of Collaboration — Marie-Hélène Fasquel, France

When we first talked with Daily Edventures alum Marie-Hélène Fasquel last year, she spoke passionately about collaboration – between students and amongst teachers throughout the world – as a means to inspire and engage students. “[Teachers] need to


Building Skills, Inspiring Students through Hands-on Technology – Troy Smith, New Zealand

With the focus put on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) today, teaching these subjects can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you turn to do it “right”? For Troy Smith, the key is using hands-on, tangible methods that get … Continue reading