diederik roelandts- belgium final

“Strictly speaking, my pupils don’t really need to come to class anymore…As a matter of fact, two of my pupils will be studying abroad (one pupil in Dublin and one in Berlin) without missing any of my course.” – Diederik Roelandts, Belgium


“When I walk through these hallways, I think about what I [can] do when I get older.” – Richardson DeLeon, Inwood Early College Student, USA

pratima nayak- india

“Education is a basic right, a social imperative, and technology can accelerate insight and impact.” – Pratima Nayak, India

paulina hernandez- mexico

“I think teacher training and teacher selection would make a huge change in the quality education students receive in México. Without having a passion for teaching, how are students going to have a passion for learning?” – Paulina Hernandez, Mexico

sukanya final

“Teaching challenges me every day – designing the curriculum to meet the students’ needs by considering the differences of learners.” – Sukanya Muangsong, Thailand

brad smrstick- usa

“Right now, change [in education technology] is happening in very large increments, and it’s happening very quickly.” – Brad Smrstick, USA

michelle licata- usa

“What made me change from the conventional setting to the online setting is that I wanted to have 1:1 opportunities with students all of the time. I also felt I was very limited by the four walls of the classroom.” – Michelle Licata, USA

joshua sawyer- usa

“We tend to focus so much on the learners sometimes that we leave the leaders behind.” – Joshua Sawyer, USA

Mike Soskil

“I believe that when students learn at an early age the intrinsic joy of doing good, they grow up to be problem-solvers who will change the world for good in the future.” – Michael Soskil, USA

john dinelli- usa

“The goal of the classroom isn’t to give us facts, it’s to turn us into thinkers.” – John Dinelli, USA

mette hauch- denmark

“Letting go of our control as teachers sometimes can lead to better learning.” – Mette Hauch, Denmark

Kaitlin Huben- USA

“Being a computer science major doesn’t box you in [to coding],” she says, “There are almost too many options.” – Kaitlin Huben, USA

Tan Been tiem- brunei

“I hope to see that our students equip themselves with 21st century skills to prepare themselves for their future careers and have more opportunities in life.” – Tan Been Tiem, Brunei

ann-mark- usa

“We believe in the power of the educator, and the impact educators can have when they are brought together to collaborate and be recognized for their achievements.” – Ann Smith, USA

Koen Timmers- Belgium

“My personal opinion is that a teacher is a pedagogical engineer who needs to apply the best learning theory to a specific situation” – Koen Timmers, Belgium

mohammad mohiul hoque- bangladesh

“I knew that I had to work hard to continue my daily life, and I realized that without education and ICT knowledge, I could never proceed.” – Mohammad Mohiul Hoque, Bangladesh

jonas backelin- sweden

“When a spark lights the fire of motivation, I trust in my ability to guide students further than they believe is possible.” – Jonas Bäckelin, Sweden

jose carlos- portugal

“In my vision, students must understand that we can learn in different spaces, because we are always learning. Out of school we see how technology is in their life, so why do we take it away inside of the school?” – José Carlos Duarte Marques, Portugal

Ann Michaelsen- Norway

“There are still too many teachers who choose not to use technology in class, either because they do not know how to or because they do not want to change.” – Ann Michaelsen, Norway

cheryl ingram- usa

“The rules of society are supposed to be the same for everyone. It’s like a poker game, but it’s important to recognize that the game is played very differently depending on the number of chips you have been given to enter the game.” -Cheryl Ingram, USA