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“Learning how to use tools is not an age barrier between digital natives and digital immigrants, but a mindset barrier between fixed and growth mindsets.” – James Yanuzzelli, USA

    James Yanuzzelli Technology Integration Specialist Old Bridge Township Public Schools New Jersey, USA @MrYanuzzelli For MIE Expert Jim Yanuzzelli, the “why” of learning is every bit as important as the “what.” That’s why he incorporates at least one … Continue reading

“Technology breaks down the language barriers…and enables [students] to show their full potential.” – Hannah Mathias, UK

Hannah Mathias E-learning Manager Cardiff and Vale College Wales, UK @hmathiasedtech  MIE Expert Hannah Mathias’ favorite quote is, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” For Mathias and her students at Cardiff and Vale College, that door comes in the … Continue reading

“Growing my professional learning network…literally changed my life!” – Scott Titmas, USA

Scott Titmas Technology Integration Specialist Old Bridge Township Public Schools New Jersey, USA @sdtitmas  For many of the educators we speak with here at Daily Edventures, teaching can sometimes feel very isolating. MIE Expert Scott Titmas was one of those … Continue reading

“Creating something new for the first time is never simple, but if you’re passionate about the ‘why’ behind the work, and can build strong relationships with all stakeholders, it will never seem like hard work.” – Meredith Roe, Australia

Meredith Roe Virtual School Program Manager Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) Perth, Australia @MeredithRoe1 Microsoft Innovative Educator Meredith Roe is all about collaboration. And what makes her most excited is seeing her students connecting with others – whether that’s in … Continue reading

“It is this determination I pass on to all I teach: Failure doesn’t always signify the end – it can be the beginning.” – Elaine Topham, UK

Elaine Topham Senior Learning Technologist The Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education Grimsby, UK @ElaineTopham The path to becoming a technology educator wasn’t a straight one for Elaine Topham. “I wasn’t a particularly focused student at school – in … Continue reading

“As we don’t have a crystal ball to look in to the future, we must support children in becoming self-confident lifelong learners who have a positive outlook on that future they will help shape.” – Kris Vande Moortel, Belgium

Kris Vande Moortel Pedagogical ICT coordinator / STEM teacher ‘t Saam Diksmuide, Belgium  @K_VandeM   For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and science teacher Kris Vande Moortel, one of the best parts of his job is standing back and letting his students … Continue reading

“I don’t like to say no to what students want to do — often those crazy ideas can be the start of something that inspires us and actually works.” – Melissa Wrenchey, USA

Melissa Wrenchey Educator Nikola Tesla STEM High School Redmond, Washington, USA @wrenchey #engipreneurism Melissa Wrenchey is on a mission to get students excited about STEM learning – both in her classroom and in her community. In 2014, Wrenchey collaborated with … Continue reading

“When master teachers learn how to use technology as a tool to enhance and extend their craft, student growth and achievement accelerates beyond all expectations.” – Geri Gillespy, USA

Geri Gillespy Administrator of Digital Integration West Ada School District Meridian, Idaho, United States @GeriGillespy  Growing up in California’s Silicon Valley, Geri Gillespy was captivated by the power of technology to do more for students. Now, as her school district’s Administrator … Continue reading

“Every day is a new lesson and I am inspired by the amazing teaching and learning that is happening all around me.” – Jennifer Morgan, USA

Jennifer Morgan School Technology Specialist & Sr. Manager of Professional Learning Davis School District & Insight 2 Execution (i2e) Utah, USA @JennMorgan4Edu Jennifer Morgan helps other teachers learn about technology, and one of her favorite ways to do that is … Continue reading

“This way of working has changed my way of understanding education.” – Oscar Herrero, Spain

Oscar Herrero ICT and PE Teacher Junta de Castilla y León Segovia, Spain @OscarHerreroEDU Microsoft Innovative Educator Oscar Herrero says his favorite classroom activities involve gamification, using virtual reality, and collaborative questionnaires to inspire his students. “Both of these activities … Continue reading

“The classroom really must be a part of our global community, so it is so important to bring the world into the class!” – Olivier Dijkmans, Belgium

Olivier Dijkmans Fifth Grade Teacher Stedelijke Basisschool Omnimundo Antwerp, Belgium @olivierdijkmans A few years ago, Olivier Dijkmans and his school found themselves welcoming an entirely new group of children and parents: refugees arriving in Belgium.  Like other parts of Europe, … Continue reading

“I am convinced that education is more than being in the same classroom every day.” – Afke Dijkerman, the Netherlands

Afke Dijkerman Fifth Grade Teacher The Waterkant Amsterdam, the Netherlands @AfkeDijkerman For Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert Afke Dijkerman, teaching is more than just her job – it’s her calling. And a big part of that calling is making her … Continue reading

“When students are given responsibility for their own learning, the results can be truly transformational.” – Gloria Enrique, Ireland

Gloria Enrique Post-Primary Teacher Sacred Heart School Tullamore Tullamore, Republic of Ireland @MissGEnrique As an educator in Ireland who originally hails from Spain, Gloria Enrique can speak first-hand about the importance of making learning relevant. “Students are living in a … Continue reading

“When you see students lighting up, being creative, and doing well academically — as well as having fun – that is rewarding.” – Stine Brynildsen, Norway

Stine Brynildsen Assistant Professor Østfold University College, Faculty of Education (Department of ICT and Learning) Fredrikstad, Norway @stinemalin In her 12 years of teaching, Stine Brynildsen has followed one mantra: Teachers are learners, too. This open-minded approach has served Brynildsen, … Continue reading

“Our world is more connected than ever and can present amazing opportunities for education.” – Barbara Zielonka, Norway

Barbara Anna Zielonka Learning Designer/Project Coordinator/EdTech Specialist/Teacher Trainer Nannestad High School Nannestad, Norway @bar_zie ‏ Personalizing learning to help students succeed takes energy, time, patience, and passion. For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Barbara Zielonka, that means pushing the boundaries of … Continue reading

“The world has become my classroom! Skype has become my window to the world!” – Kristine Holloway, Canada

Kristine Holloway Middle School Teacher Peel District School Board Mississauga, Ontario, Canada @mspaperless   For MIE Expert Kristine Holloway, some of the most fun and exciting days in her classroom involve problems. Namely, solving them. This year, her classroom has … Continue reading

Gretchen Torres-Cintron, Puerto Rico

  Gretchen Torres-Cintron Teacher EMCT San Juan, Puerto Rico @gtorresemct   For MIE Expert Gretchen Torres-Cintron, helping to shape active learners may be a teacher’s most important role. “Students need to be active learners and take ownership of their learning,” … Continue reading

“Educators need to be encouraged to experiment with new ways of teaching without fear of making mistakes. Innovation requires mistakes, sometimes.” – Julci Rocha, Brazil

Julci Rocha Director Redesenho Educacional Brazil @julcirocha As a Microsoft Ambassador in Brazil for two years and a teacher-training for more than a decade, MIE Expert Julci Rocha met and trained over 3700 teachers, helping them to innovate with technology … Continue reading

“I want to focus more on the student and where their passion to learn comes from.” – Pauline Maas, The Netherlands

Pauline Maas ICT teacher and author of children’s coding books VSO Mariendael and CodeKlas (NGO) Arnhem, Netherlands @4pip   When Pauline Maas left her career in technology to become a teacher, she was seeking a completely new work environment and … Continue reading

“The biggest challenge facing education today is how to teach everyday communication between people and computers.” – Monika Szalek, Poland

Monika Szalek Computer Science Teacher Strumienie Schools of The Sternik Association Warsaw, Poland For MIE Expert Monika Szalek, the right tools can make a world of difference – especially when teaching students basic computer skills. “I think that the biggest … Continue reading