“If you want to do something, you might fail. Pick it up from where you fail and start over again. Don’t be afraid of failure.” – H.E. Mohammed Gheyath, UAE

Throughout the world, the historic shift in education continues to evolve in every classroom, on every continent. This transformation is complex, and implementing bold visions for change is no small feat.


“I wanted to meet my students half way.“ — Steffi Marita Miland Svendsen, Norway

For teachers fresh out of university, bridging the gap between theoretical pedagogy and the reality of their students’ world can often be a challenge. For Steffi Marita Miland Svendsen, who graduated in 2012 and has been teaching for two short … Continue reading


Building Literacy by Creating E-books – Kate O’Connell Murray, Ireland

Kate O’Connell Murray is no stranger to rave reviews when it comes to using innovation in her classroom. In 2008, Murray won the Microsoft European Innovative Teacher Award. Next, she was third-place winner at the 2009 Microsoft World Innovative Teacher


“Teachers are making the world their playground and their classroom.” – Lyneth Crighton, South Africa

When Lyneth Crighton first immersed herself – and her students – in technology several years ago, she was breaking new ground by using Facebook and Twitter in the classroom. She was miles ahead of many of her peers. Fast forward … Continue reading


Overcoming Fear Creates Award-Winning Education in Vietnam- Lieu Nguyen Thi, Vietnam

Like so many teachers throughout the world, Lieu Nguyen Thi was initially intimidated by technology. Then, she attended a workshop and her entire world – and her approach to teaching – changed dramatically.


Sharing Knowledge and Improving Outcomes with Sway– Åsa Girgensohn, Sweden

Åsa Girgensohn doesn’t see the growing dominance of personal technology in classrooms as a challenge to productivity. Instead, the ever-present mobile phones and tablets her students and their parents use are a window of opportunity.


“We need to see how technology blends – and how technology lends – to deep learning.” – Meenakshi Uberoi, India

When we first spoke with Meenakshi Uberoi in January, she shared with us her unique career path. Uberoi, who started as a dietician, is now a Curriculum Developer and Workshop Leader with The Pedagogics, where she coaches, teaches, equips and … Continue reading


“Exposing students to subjects they don’t normally see could have a positive impact on their career choice down the road.” – Kyle Calderwood, USA

Lately, much has been made about the global teacher shortage, and the fact that the world’s supply of teachers is falling, just as demand for educators is growing. That’s why it’s always heartening to hear stories like that of Kyle … Continue reading


“My biggest hope for today’s students is to get 1-to-1 on a device level so that every student has an equal starting point.” – Janne Männikkö, Finland

Over a nearly 20-year teaching career, Janne Männikkö has seen a great deal of change when it comes to technology — change he’s had a hands-on role in affecting. Männikkö spent time supporting technology in learning as an administrator, a … Continue reading


“Pride in being a teacher comes from little things.” – Piia Martikainen, Finland

Piia Martikainen discovered OneNote just a year ago, and her teaching hasn’t been the same since. This Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert has embraced this 21st century learning tool in a big way – and both her students and colleagues are … Continue reading


“Minds work as a parachute. They are not functional until they are open.” – Dr. Mansoor Al-Awar, Dubai, UAE

For two days this past February, Dubai hosted the very first Microsoft in Education Global Forum in the Middle East and Africa region. The forum gathered education stakeholders to discuss education transformation as it relates to the workforce, and as … Continue reading


“…Spreading technology knowledge is like a seed you plant in someone’s head. The seed grows, and at a certain moment those people can start spreading seeds to others, too.” – Gene Vangampelaere, Belgium

When Gene Vangampelaere realized that developing apps can be lonely and isolating work, he decided to apply his expertise to teaching, and we’re very grateful he did. Vangampelaere is still an app developer, but he also spends considerable time training


“Believe the impossible, believe in your dreams.” – Sachita Jeeta, Mauritius

The road to becoming an educator was not a smooth one for Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Sachita Jeeta. Teaching began simply as a way to help her family. “My uncle asked if I would be able to help my cousins … Continue reading


Getting Creative with the Bard and Technology – Jarlath McGill, Northern Ireland

Bringing Shakespeare to life is something of a passion for Jarlath McGill. Whether he’s using technology to illuminate the mysteries of Macbeth, or directing a children’s version of Hamlet for the BBC Shakespeare Festival, McGill is an expert at connecting … Continue reading


“A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.” – Srinivasan Sriram, India

“Where there is a will there is a way,” says Srinivasan Sriram. For this award-winning educator from India, a positive outlook to “learn, unlearn and relearn” is the most essential element for success. That, and support from colleagues, students, and … Continue reading


“I am a OneNote enthusiast.” – Mally Johnsen, Norway

We have been hearing a lot about the benefits of OneNote in the classroom lately. It seems that teachers, students and school administrators alike are recognizing the power OneNote can bring to sharing, collaboration and organization.


Engaging Parents – and students – with OneNote – Barry Corrigan, Northern Ireland

When we first spoke with Barry Corrigan back in 2012, our discussion centered on what some students (and parents) may consider a dirty word: homework. But Corrigan is dedicated to making homework for his students anything but a chore. In … Continue reading


“ICT is the music of education.” – Dr. Lakshmanbhai Chaudhari, India

Physics teacher Dr. Lakshmanbhai Chaudhari has embraced classroom technology in a big way, benefitting not only his students, but his colleagues throughout India. Chaudhari’s enthusiasm for new tools is contagious, and in today’s Daily Edventure, we get a sense for


“Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who do not use technology will be replaced by those who do.” – Hari Krishna Arya, India

Sometimes, success takes us places we never thought possible. For 38-year veteran educator Hari Krishna Arya, his time spent (14 years) at a district headquarters secondary school – where he raised the program to its “utmost heights”– took him in … Continue reading


“I am a great believer that learning should continue beyond the classroom.” – Beverley Cripps, Northern Ireland

As an accomplished musician, Beverley Cripps knows the power of music to bridge social divides. As an educator, she’s discovered that technology can do the same.