Improvising, learning and sharing – one teacher’s guide to #hacktheclassroom – André Spang, Germany

What do musicians and educators have in common? If you ask André Spang – both an accomplished jazz musician and a teacher – more than you might think. “As a jazz musician I have to improvise,” says Spang. “If I … Continue reading


Paula Vorne: E2 in Budapest Through the Eyes of a Fellow

by Guest Blogger Paula Vorne | MIE Fellow, Finland I’ve been lucky. Actually, more than lucky. In 2012, our school became a part of the Microsoft in Education Partners in Learning program and in 2013, my journey as an Expert … Continue reading


“It’s not hard to start with OneNote – just jump in.” – Jeff Kash, USA

During last month’s Hack the Classroom event, we learned a lot about the latest trends in engaging students – including coding, Minecraft and making. But sometimes, transformation is less about teaching new things, and more about teaching in new ways.


“Embrace your own inner fear. It’s the easiest way to get started.” – Hadi Partovi, USA

If you have been following the conversation about students learning how to code, you’ve likely heard of When we first spoke with founder Hadi Partovi back in 2013, they were just


First-grade teacher hacks her classroom and sparks a whole new generation of computer scientists – Leah Obach, Canada

Does teaching computer science to your students sound a little scary? It did to Leah Obach, too. “I didn’t know how to code myself,” says Obach, a first-grade teacher at Hamiota


“Books have disappeared from the classrooms and 1:1 devices have taken their place, so the learning process has reached a different level.” – Amparo Aparisi, Spain

Amparo Aparisi may not always have wanted to be an educator – her first love was foreign languages – but she instinctively understood the qualities that made for a great teacher. “I will always remember my teacher Miguel Teruel, in … Continue reading


Minecraft adds a new twist to religious education – Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez, Spain

For priest and educator Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez, technology and religious education go hand in hand. And by using Minecraft, he found a way to engage his students in both. Since he was a teenager, Pajuelo Vasquez has mixed a commitment … Continue reading


Maker Movement pioneer offers sage advice to creative educators – Dale Dougherty, USA

As part of last month’s Hack the Classroom event, we heard from some true education innovators who have hacked learning spaces around the world to provide students with transformational learning experiences.


How Staffpad Takes Music Education to the Next Level – Guest Post by Andrew Fitzgerald, USA

Last week, it was time for me to teach my beginner groups about Key Signatures. Reading a key signature is a vital skill for any musician, so I want to make sure my students know and understand the concept well. … Continue reading


“My biggest hope is to make learning so powerful and memorable, that students can look for solutions to real problems.” – Jennifer Verschoor, Argentina

Have you ever tried to have a conversation in a language that you were just learning (or didn’t know at all), with someone who also didn’t know the language? If so, it was most likely a little awkward, probably scary, … Continue reading


Art combined with digital tools create masterpieces in Spain – Irene Moreno, Spain

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math – STEAM – is at its very core about creativity and innovation working in concert. Creativity is, of course, one of the “Cs” in 21st century skills. For art teacher Irene Moreno, combining art … Continue reading


Computational thinking takes hold – even in the youngest of students – Henry Penfold, UK

Kodu, Minecraft and Skype-a-thons: just three of the many ways that Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Henry Penfold uses technology with his primary school students. Penfold is an enthusiastic proponent of these technologies in his classroom, and he’s not shy about


Pakistan’s first Innovative Master Trainer shares his insights – Waqas Shafique, Pakistan

Training the next generation of innovative educators is something Waqas Shafique takes great pride in. “Transforming teaching and learning from the traditional methods to being technology-


Problem-based learning reinvents a high school – Tom Duenwald, USA

“We believe in all our students,” says Tom Duenwald, principal at Sammamish High School. “We want to be at the heart of what public education ought to be about. That doesn’t always show up on a data set or state … Continue reading


Collaborative learning in a country without borders – Josane Batalha Sobreira da Silva, Brazil

Josane Batalha Sobreira da Silva is passionate about the benefits of collaborative learning. And this Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert knows that she’s fortunate to work in a school where technology, and a commitment to innovation, make that possible.


A student’s concussion leads to cutting-edge diagnostic technology – Eric Solender, USA

Three years ago, when high school student Eric Solender was 14, he suffered a concussion playing basketball. “I was coming down for a rebound,” Eric says, “and another kid was jumping up, and his nose slammed me in the back … Continue reading


Skype-a-thon brings the world to students in rural India – Arokia Seeli Priya, India

Every educator has moments that define and shape their teaching. For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Arokia Seeli Priya, that moment took place just weeks ago, when The Titan School – a Microsoft Showcase School where Priya teaches – announced


Bringing technology – and a future – to rural India – Jyoti Chaba, India

Most teachers have at least a few stories about students they’ve influenced, those whose lives they’ve changed for the better. For Jyoti Chaba, the ability to impact young peoples’ future is not only a primary motivation, it’s her calling.


“Every student has different needs, different interests, different learning paths and different types of intelligence. So, why to teach them all the same?” – Pablo García-Brull, Spain

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all teaching for Pablo García-Brull. And as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert since 2011, and a Teacher Ambassador since 2015, he’s not shy about sharing that insight with other educators.


All children are born creative, imaginative geniuses – Barbara Beaufait, Singapore

One of the best parts of attending gatherings like the recent BETT Conference in Singapore is meeting people who are not only incredibly talented, dedicated and smart – but who are remarkably interesting as well.