Special Interview: Innovative Education with Distance Learning and Apps – Koen Timmers, Belgium

“Since the moment I became a teacher, in 2000, I’ve been passionate about e-learning. I founded my own educational website www.zelfstudie.be, on which digital courseware are published. Completed an additional master course “Technology Enhanced Learning,


Collaboration Tools Help Students Work Smarter, Not Harder – Kelli Etheredge, USA

When Kelli Etheredge made her first appearance in Daily Edventures three years ago, she had plenty to say about what makes for engaging learning. But given how fast teaching with technology is changing, we wanted to check back in with … Continue reading

Candice Carpenter

“Sense of direction is one of the biggest gaps.” – Candice Carpenter Olson, USA

Heading out into the “real world” after graduation can be a downright humbling experience. And with the ever-growing skills gap that employers see in recent graduates (a Gallup poll showed that only 14 percent of Americans and only 11 percent … Continue reading


Technology Inspires the Youngest of Learners – Lizabeth Conklin, USA

Valentine’s Day has been the inspiration for many a poem, love song and wedding engagement. For Lizabeth Conklin and her class of kindergarteners, it inspired an entirely new way of teaching and learning. “We sent a ‘virtual valentine’ to a … Continue reading


“Acquiring 21st century skills is a two-way process.” – Dimitrios Charalambidis, Greece

For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Dimitrios Charalambidis, education transformation isn’t a discussion that applies to the future. For Charalambidis, the future is already here. “What makes me most excited about the future is the here-and-now reality,” says Charalambidis. “It is … Continue reading


“I touch the future. I teach.” – Poonam Dogra, India

Teaching in a remote area of northern India presents its share of challenges – from power outages to slow-to-change local attitudes about education. In the face of these challenges, Poonam Dogra has embraced new teaching approaches and technology, and her … Continue reading


1:1 Learning Sets Greek School Apart – Economou Vassilis, Greece


“We need a paradigm change.” – Abdulkabeer Ishola, Nigeria


Creating Young Entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic – Maria Lorraine de Ruiz-Alma

tonia-galati- final

From Data Analyst to Tech Inspiration: Tonia Galati’s Journey


Fostering Change in Indian Classrooms – Meenakshi Uberoi, India


A Case for Change: Reflections of a Seasoned School Leader – Tony Bryant, Australia


Building a Professional Learning Community Pays Dividends – Wendell Sumter


Rethinking the Very Nature of What It Means to be an Educator – George Saltsman, USA


“As a teacher, I believe that education is like a wheel that never can be stopped.” – José Luís Terol Esteve, Spain


Preparing Singapore’s Youth for a Global Future- Kew Mee Ying, Singapore


Learning with Technology Changes Lives in Rural Vietnam – Nam Ngo Thanh, Vietnam


“Infusing technology into teaching isn’t taught in a half-day PD session, dipping a toe into the water…Teachers need to be willing to immerse themselves and jump right in.” – Kemi Olurinola, Nigeria


“Students need to know that as technology continues to change, they will need to continue to learn how to use it — just as their teachers have.” – Tammy Brecht Dunbar, USA


“Unless you are constantly challenging your students and bringing in real-life cases and applications and merging that with technology, it is difficult to capture their attention and create that urge to learn.” – Lana Shennak, Jordan