“The true focus is on the kids, and what those kids are able to do. This is a whole population of students, not just the ones that get it quickly, but the whole population.” – Roger Goatcher, USA

For many communities in the United States, the “great recession” that began in 2008 is slowly starting to fade. But for the community of Manteca, located in the heart of California’s agricultural Central Valley, the effects can still be seen … Continue reading


“We think we can’t go back to non-digital tools as a rule. If you don’t like keyboard input, the solution isn’t to abandon technology. It’s to develop higher-quality interfaces.” – Sharon Oviatt and Pam Mueller, USA

“We track the highest and lowest performers, and they experience technology differently. One of the things that we’ve found in our studies is that when you use the digital pen, the average [performance] of students improves. But we’re also finding … Continue reading


“Beyond the Basics: Creating Collaborative Textbooks with OneNote in Ireland.” –Gareth Callan, Ireland

“For me I would say that there were a number of my own teachers who inspired me and made me believe that education was a field that I would like to get involved in, particularly my music and drawing teachers … Continue reading


“Promoting a Life-long Love of Learning through Interactive Games.” – Tomáš Bárta, Czech Republic

For entrepreneur Tomáš Bárta, the most important discussion about education is, “…if the word ‘education’ is even the proper word. Education seems to connote something passive, boring, annoying, and most of all, not creative,” he says. “The biggest inspiration I … Continue reading


Gamified Learning Takes Hold in Dubai -Shafaque Riaz, UAE

“My mother was a teacher, so she was an inspiration. [What inspired me was] how reachable she was to her students all the time. If they were having an issue, if they were having any problems, they could talk to … Continue reading


Lessons from the Urban Teacher- Mark Martin, UK

You may not know Mark Martin by name, but there’s a good chance you’ve run into his alter-ego online. As the Urban Teacher, Martin has a significant social media presence as an evangelist for getting the best available technology in … Continue reading


“My mother recently passed away. She taught for over 30 years. She’s my inspiration and is pushing me to succeed and improve my teaching practice.” – Andre Quaglia, Canada

The recent E2 Conference in Redmond provided us with the perfect opportunity to speak with educators from all over the world. We not only learned about their challenges and successes, but also about what drives them each day.


“Every student, if they have confidence in themselves, they can be a big-shot in the future.” –Huoy-Minn Kuo, Taiwan

When you have been teaching for over 35 years, balancing teaching traditions with teaching mandates can take a toll – not only on your joy of teaching, but also on the energy of your classroom.


“Share your passion and excitement and love of learning with your students” -Jonathan Bishop, UK

If you’re a regular reader of Daily Edventures, you may recognize the name of Broadclyst Community Primary School, a Microsoft Showcase School and originator of the Global Enterprise Challenge. The Challenge, pitched at last year’s Global Forum in Barcelona, brings … Continue reading


“I believe in the student, and want to help them see they should be in the driver’s seat.” -Aaron Maurer, USA

Aaron Maurer knew from the seventh grade that there was only one thing in the world that he wanted to be when he grew up. And that was an educator. “I had a seventh-grade social studies teacher who was also … Continue reading


“I am a learner and I am a teacher. Simple. The two, for me, are inseparable and part of the whole.” – Peter Skillen, Canada

After teaching K-12 for four decades, most educators would take a well-deserved break to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Peter Skillen isn’t one of those teachers. Now leading professional learning at the YMCA of Greater Toronto and deeply involved … Continue reading


“We have to teach with the heart and soul of a teacher, not a knowledge seller.” – Tô Thụy Diễm Quyên, Vietnam

Building a rewarding career in education is seldom easy — it takes hard work, passion and perseverance. These qualities are exactly what drives chemistry teacher and Innovative Educator Expert Tô Thụy Diễm Quyên.


“We may not even realize when a simple conversation could make an impression and change someone’s path in life.” – Sarah Pewitt, USA

For Sarah Pewitt, teaching and technology should be intertwined, and for one big reason: the ability for students to learn at their own pace. Pewitt, who grew up in a family of educators, has been teaching middle school technology at … Continue reading


“It’s not one big moment. It’s all the small moments that make me proud to serve educators, parents, and students every day.” – Kim Jones, USA

Since Daily Edventures first spoke to Kim Jones in 2012, her non-profit organization, Curriki, has come a long way. Curriki, which provides online tools and content that enable students to move at their own pace, now has over 434,000 members … Continue reading


“I’m a good example of how having a great teacher can decide one’s future.” – Lidija Kralj, Croatia

“I knew I would be a math teacher at the age of ten,” says Lidija Kralj. “We had a caring, enthusiastic and laughing math teacher who inspired me and sparked in me a love for its logical, methodical approach. It … Continue reading


“ICT Paradox: How to Kill ICT’s Special Status Without Losing its Benefits” – Bram Faems, Belgium

Bram Faems has been a frequent voice on Daily Edventures, and for good reason. He has very passionate opinions about the use of technology in the classroom, and he’s not afraid to speak up about it.


“Why not make your lessons available for your students when and where they want?” – Magnus Johansson, Norway

Earlier this year, we met Magnus Johansson at the BETT Show in London. He talked about his work as a teacher over the past 15 years, his belief that everyone who works with children has a collective responsibility to give … Continue reading


“A teacher who loves learning earns the right and ability to help others learn.” – Taljit Kaur, India

When we see a learning activity where the primary objective is “to make education a more joyful and fun-loving process,” it gets our attention. And as it turn out, this objective perfectly describes the work of Innovative Educator Expert Taljit … Continue reading


“Be positive, be passionate, be planned.” – Soma Singh, India

Like her grandfather and both of her parents before her, Soma Singh considers herself a born teacher. And with over 17 years of teaching experience, as well as 10 years of administrative experience, she’s clearly made the most of her … Continue reading


Malta Embraces Education Transformation

When I visited the Stella Maris School in Malta last month, along with Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, it was to celebrate an historic collaboration between Microsoft and Malta, to make Malta a beacon for educational technology innovation. The setting