Microsoft in Education

Why just learn when you can create, share and solve? Why just teach when you can also inspire? Why be confined to a classroom when you have the entire world? At Microsoft, we believe education can be so much more. And with over 1.4 billion students on Earth and 65.2 million educators globally, technology’s influence has the potential to be far-reaching.

Since our creation in 2003 and through the use of various technologies, programs and services, we’ve committed to helping each and every one of these students and educators throughout the world realize their full potential. But Microsoft doesn’t stop at education. We seek transformation – in the way students learn, in the way educators teach, in the way classrooms enable. We’ve reached 207 million students, 12 million educators, and classrooms in 240 countries. And we’re just getting started.

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8 Responses to Microsoft in Education

  1. Interesting. thanks

  2. Anjali says:

    Now, in recent trend of education, the technology play very great role.

  3. Megha Makhija` says:

    Microsoft has become indispensable to teaching-learning. Thanks to its ease of use, mass reach and vast features.

  4. As a teacher, i feel my association with Microsoft is going to transform the way i teach.

  5. Anuradha Natarajan says:

    Microsoft has transformed “the way I teach, the feel I get as a teacher. Great Journey !! Every day something new I learn from Microsoft !!!!

  6. John Gichuri says:

    Microsoft has completely changed the way I perceive learning:A teacher is not a tap which learner opens to get knowledge.A teacher is a guide in the construction of knowledge.

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