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13 Responses to Microsoft Educator Community

  1. Project based learning
    In Project-based learning,learning is contextual, creative, and shared. Students collaborate on meaningful projects that require critical thinking, creativity, and communication in order for them to answer challenging questions or solve complex problems. By making learning relevant to them in this way, students see a purpose for mastering state-required skills and content concepts. Students aren’t just assessed on their understanding of academic content, but on their ability to successfully apply that content when solving authentic problems. Through this process, project based learning gives students the opportunity to develop the real life skills required for success in today’s world. Microsoft helps in using
    Collaborative Tools in the Classroom.
    Tools for Engaging All Learners in the Classroom
    Effective Communication Tools for Teachers
    Classroom Organization Tools for Teachers.
    I invite all educators to share their thoughts,views and experiences about different Microsoft tools for different phases of Project Based Learning.

    • Kirti Tripathi says:

      Hi Pratima,
      I totally agree to what you have said . Microsoft provides an array of tools to implement PBL strategies effectively in class.

  2. Padma.S says:

    Yes Pratima, You have rightly said. I strongly believe in Project based learning. It allows students to think,analyze, and lead towards innovative solutions for the problems faced. It stirs the curiosity and makes the students to possess self-empowerment. I have implemented the strategy of PBL and have demonstrated significant, positive desired learning outcome too.

  3. Multimedia classroom
    Multimedia classroom make teaching and learning more effective and enjoyable for both students and teachers using ICT Multimedia Classrooms in secondary schools
    Why it was necessary

    Bangladesh is endowed with a large pool of intelligent young citizens who, with proper education, can be turned into a valuable human resource befitting the needs of the 21st century.
    Secondary schools, using one laptop with internet connection and a multimedia projector per classroom. These classrooms have also succeeded in enhancing quality of classroom learning, drawing deeper attention from students and making teachers more effective in communicating difficult ideas.
    Multimedia classrooms, digital contents and teacher training together will improve overall quality of learning in primary and secondary education by promoting effective and participatory learning and eliminating unnecessary memorizing tendencies.

  4. Orlando says:

    With phenomena globalisation it is unquestionable that media classrooms play an important role in teaching and learning process in the sense that we equip learners with effective ICT tools to compete with their counterparts in the globe, thus face the 21st century challenges.
    Although for schools in some developing countries, in case of mine (Mozambique), teachers and learners do not have access to ICT facilities, working in bare classrooms with large classes. But as educators, it is our responsibility to create conditions for our learners to try ICT at any cost so that they meet the 21st needs.
    I use a laptop with no internet access for classes with over 60 learners to minimize the problem.

    • Simon Kiteme says:

      Very true Orlando agree with you for developing countries the challenges are many. Am in Kenya and teaching in a school where initially there was no electricity leave alone internet. So the challenge is to innovate and use the little resources at our disposal..I also use my laptop and a borrowed projector to bring life to my classroom. So with more determination we can make a difference..let’s network and collaborate.

      • Gitesh says:

        Yes, Simon you are absolutely right. To start the collaborative learning in our classes , we as educators have to collaborate first. Then I am sure even the lack of resources cannot stop us from teaching our students good content in best way.

  5. I was introduced to Microsoft Educators Network by SchoolNet SA and since then i never looked back. Today i can proudlt say i am a good and innovative educator through the usage of technology resources in my daily teaching and learning. For more information get to my blog
    All my projects based learning activities are on line.
    Proud to be an educator

  6. Going to school as a teacher ,is not about teaching, its about giving learners skills that will inspire them to path their future careers. Teaching to me is to inspire,, unlock and unearth learners hidden talents that will benefit them in their uncertain future hence my learning project. Teaching to me is to assist learners to interpret their dreams and make them real.. View this link:

  7. I am so grateful to be one of the MIEE for 2016. I wish to be among those who will go to Budapest in 2016. I welcome all assistance!

  8. Chandhirakala S says:

    A website dedicated for holistic development of teachers. It provides 360 degrees support to teachers – be it lesson planning, resource planning, online classes through live classes and skype by experts in the respective fields, courses for self development, and so on. The benefits are immense. Being a Microsoft Innovative Educator, I personally harvested the fruits of this website. As a regular user of this website, I have also introduced this website to more than 30 educators. I appreciate the great vision of Microsoft in Education.

  9. Thanks @AnthonySalcito for this wonderful tribute to hardworking educators worldwide!!!

  10. Ever since my learners knew about skype, they realized that life is not in South Africa alone. Before that, they thought that South Africa is the whole world.
    Thank you Microsoft for introducing Skype app.

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