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“Through Skype, I have shown my students and their families so many amazing places around the world and created a sense of wonder in them.” – Blair Smith, Australia

Blair Smith Year 5/6 Classroom Teacher St Therese’s Catholic Primary School Queensland, Australia @mrsmiths56class    Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert Blair Smith says that traveling with his parents as a child opened his eyes to the opportunities available to those … Continue reading

“I thought I was alone in my ideas for greater understanding and access to technology.” – Linda Sydes, Australia

  Linda Sydes Year 5 Primary School Teacher Meridan State College Queensland, Australia Linda Sydes’ favorite classroom activities let her students show their understanding of learning in a creative way – but how they do that is largely up to … Continue reading

“Working with [a disabled] student really challenged me… I learned to be more flexible, and to focus on the possibilities rather than the limitations.” – Anna Mendoza, Australia

Anna Mendoza Teacher and English Domain Leader, E-pedagogy Gleneagles Secondary College Victoria, Australia @mrsannamendoza As students spend more time watching videos, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) Anna Mendoza is worried that student attitudes about reading have become increasingly negative. “Whilst … Continue reading

“How do schools prepare for this diversity? I believe it is through quality leadership that builds a culture from within.” – Fiona Forbes, Australia

In today’s fast-changing education environment, principals must not only provide day-to-day leadership for their teachers and schools, they must also drive whole-school transformation. As the Microsoft in Education team prepares to attend the annual meeting

“Technology can transform learning, taking students beyond the textbook and into the real world where authentic experiences can take place with those who live there.” – Ann Mirtschin, Austalia

There was a time when students in remote, rural communities were at a distinct disadvantage to peers in big city schools. But technology has changed all that, and teachers like Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Ann Mirtschin are a big reason … Continue reading

“We are sitting at the cusp of a collaborative individualized learning experience like no other.” – Daren Mallett, Australia

Daren Mallett’s early school experience has played a major role in shaping who he is as a teacher. A happy student in primary school, his love of learning faded when he reached high school, where his teachers were over-extended, not … Continue reading

“When teachers actually see a benefit in a particular [technology] and how it’s going to improve student outcomes, they’ll invest their time in being able to use that [technology] efficiently in the classroom.”– Tamara Sullivan, Australia

In a career spanning 15 years, Tamara Sullivan has been a teacher, a digital pedagogy coordinator and a dean. And having witnessed the transformation taking place in education from multiple angles, she has a good sense for how to translate … Continue reading

From music to technology, fun and creativity are the keys to learning – Mark Savery, Australia

Wearing many hats has suited Mark Savery well. In over a decade of teaching at Emmanuel College, he has been a music specialist teacher, a primary-level classroom teacher, the director of teaching and learning, dean of year six and eLearning … Continue reading

Social Media and Gamification Take Center Stage in Learning – Noelene Callaghan, Australia

For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Noelene Callaghan, her career and passion were a matter of happy circumstance. As an IT educator trainer in the corporate world, Callaghan loved teaching others to use technology.

Greg Butler- A Tribute

When we tragically lost our friend Greg Butler last month, we lost more than an exemplary colleague. We lost a man who was not only committed to improving education, but willing to do the hard work necessary to make that … Continue reading

A Case for Change: Reflections of a Seasoned School Leader – Tony Bryant, Australia

“I believe that our schools should be driving the spirit of the local community and should support the education of all community members — not just the students.” – Darren Rackemann, Australia

“Remember that you may be the only adult role model and positive doorway into the future that they have” – Australia

“Technology is about inspiring and creating, finding new ways to learn.”

Bruce Dixon has spent a long time fighting for universal access to technology in education. As founder and president of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation, director of IdeasLAB, and a leader in the Shape the Future movement,

“Educators have incredible power on impressionable minds to shape self-belief and self-worth”

“If the future is the undiscovered land, then education is the window through which we see this land.”

Going Backward to Move Education Forward – Australia

Break something that isn’t broken. Throw away all the books. Let students decide what they want to learn. Yes, even accept (temporarily) lower test scores. To most traditional educators, this sounds counterintuitive. But I challenge us to think differently. Can … Continue reading