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Uniting to Make a Difference in African Education – MIE Fellows Worldwide

Guest Post by Koen Timmers (MIE Fellow, Belgium) During the E2 conference in Redmond (April 15), all MIE fellows were scheduled for a “Kakuma” session. The fellows were intrigued– was this a new secret tool? Or maybe a team building … Continue reading

“ICT Paradox: How to Kill ICT’s Special Status Without Losing its Benefits” – Bram Faems, Belgium

Bram Faems has been a frequent voice on Daily Edventures, and for good reason. He has very passionate opinions about the use of technology in the classroom, and he’s not afraid to speak up about it.

“…Spreading technology knowledge is like a seed you plant in someone’s head. The seed grows, and at a certain moment those people can start spreading seeds to others, too.” – Gene Vangampelaere, Belgium

When Gene Vangampelaere realized that developing apps can be lonely and isolating work, he decided to apply his expertise to teaching, and we’re very grateful he did. Vangampelaere is still an app developer, but he also spends considerable time training

Special Interview: Innovative Education with Distance Learning and Apps – Koen Timmers, Belgium

“Since the moment I became a teacher, in 2000, I’ve been passionate about e-learning. I founded my own educational website www.zelfstudie.be, on which digital courseware are published. Completed an additional master course “Technology Enhanced Learning,

“Strictly speaking, my pupils don’t really need to come to class anymore…As a matter of fact, two of my pupils will be studying abroad (one pupil in Dublin and one in Berlin) without missing any of my course.” – Diederik Roelandts, Belgium

“Children own the right to be able to read. In Afghanistan, for instance, reading is often prohibited for girls.”- Belgium

Learning and Teaching: the Twins of eTwinning

After nearly 30 years of teaching the Dutch language, Bart Verswijvel made a major change to his teaching format. “I wanted to give my students an audience to work for,” says Verswijvel. “In the beginning of my career my students … Continue reading

Adopting Technology in a Way That is Education-Ready

As manager of the Microsoft School Technology Innovation Center (STIC), a showcase for education technology in Brussels, Jacques Denies sees the best of the best in teaching tools.