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“Hope is what keeps all students engaged and will help them reach their potential.” – Tom D’Amico, Canada

“I’m a believer of the BYOD approach. I believe that smartphones are about to be game changers in education, not only in developing countries, where it’s often the only Internet access, but also in industrialized countries.” – Jérôme Serre, France

1-to-1 Learning and the Importance of the Right Technology

While the concept of 1-to-1 learning (one device per one student) has been around for decades, its success can be measured to varying degrees. Yet something can be learned from both the successes and failures of the schools that are … Continue reading

“I still feel the most important thing in education is to build a good relationship with your students, as they will then listen to what you have to say.” – David Renton, Scotland

“Literacy is essential, but a passion for ideas and culture, learning and curiosity is far more important. Kindle that passion and you are making a large difference in the life of an individual and our society.” – Darcy Moore, Australia

“It’s not about the device. It has never been about the device. It’s about what we do with the device.” – Lou Zulli, Jr., USA

“It’s a bit old-fashioned that one teacher goes to a training and then comes back to the school. We need to have the training within the schools so that teachers learn together.” – Anneli Rautiainen, Finland

“As educators we know that not all students are good at memorizing. Thus, many very gifted students think they aren’t ‘good’ at school and don’t live up to their full potential.”– Dayna Laur, USA

“The bottom line is, administrators who want their teachers to be innovative and engage in technology have to do the same.” – USA